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1MD are dietary supplements made of natural products for joints, digestive health, heart, and immunity health. There is a health community that delivers these physician supplements that are formulated and clinically studied by 1MD physician formulators who are medical doctors who have specialized in medicine

. Your health is their mission by ensuring you get the best health from their clinical supplements, scientifically proven. They have different kinds of pills for other body parts, i.e., brain, eye, bone, men’s health, heart, and ones immune. 1MD has specific considerations when choosing the right pill, supplement, or medication for anyone with a particular issue. With 1MD, there is an emphasis on no magic pill since a comprehensive 360-degree approach is used when pairing and checking superior products with advanced insightful education. This product comes in a blue transparent bottle or container with a unique metallic seal to differentiate between our products and other similar or related medicinal products.

1MD Health Guides

This list contains several branches with detailed information regarding each component. Firstly, digestive health is where you should start the journey to your best health.1MD are probiotics formulated by doctors containing enzymes that are effectively restoring one’s digestive health. 1MD products available for a healthy digestive system include;

  • BiomeMD

This is a combination of the most crucial probiotics and prebiotics proven to promote a healthy digestive tract and boosts the immune system. BiomeMD restores just enough bacteria to the gut’s microbiome while giving them just enough prebiotic nutrients needed for them to thrive. It reduces immune system stress, defense from diseases improves. Better digestion and better absorption of nutrients are enhanced by BiomeMD. BiomeMD for women serves immune support with 62 billion CFUs act in serving four potent prebiotics targeted for feminine care.

  • LiverMD

This is made of ingredients that nourish and maintain the liver’s functions as well as promote a healthy metabolism by maintaining detoxification and a healthy liver enzyme function.

  • Complete probiotics

These capsules encourage microbalance of the digestive tract for optimal digestive and immune health. They help in reducing diarrhea and regulating bowel movements, and gastrointestinal lining support.

  • EnzymeMD

EnzymeMD helps in reducing discomfort caused by indigestion or bloating, especially after eating. This supplement contains 18 digestive enzymes that help in breaking down crucial nutrients. It also includes a probiotic enzyme that helps in eliminating toxins and gases,

  • GutMD

This formula consists of ingredients that strengthen the gut barrier and eliminate dangerous pathogens to sooth the stomach, intestinal lining and maintain a healthy gut. GutMD minimizes the risk of infection in the intestines.

  • PrebioMD

This supplement is doctor formulated and aids in gut nourishment and maintains a balanced microflora that aids in nutrient absorption. It contains powerful ingredients that aid in healthy digestion. This comes as a special time release capsule that protects the prebiotic fibre from stomach acid by releasing it directly in the intestines.

  • BalanceMD

It contains combined probiotics, powerful botanical ingredients, and digestive enzymes that promote floral balance in the intestines. Therefore maintaining a healthy gut lining.

Secondly, joint health is guaranteed by 1MD joint supplements, which reduce joint discomfort. Below are some of the 1MD joint supplements;

  • MoveMD

This is referred to as the fast-acting joint relief. It stops sore joints as it is made of powerful antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and advanced collagens. These supplements increase joint flexibility and mobility by lubricating the joints and reducing oxidative damage.

  • CurcuminMD plus

These supplements help relieve sore joints, reduce joint stiffness, and promote heart health by combining a superior form of curcumin found in turmeric.

  • KrillMD

KrillMDTM is another joint supplement that is rich in omega-3 and contains fatty acids that help the joints maximize efficiency and proper absorption by the body, and they also reduce oxidative body damage.

  • CholestMD

These supplements promote cholesterol health, cardiovascular support, proper metabolism, blood circulation and overall health

  • GlucoseMD

GlucoseMD contains seven blend ingredients meant to target the blood sugar support as it contains ingredients that maintain healthy sugar levels and manage glucose uptake and enhance pancreatic cellular function. They improve cardiovascular health.

  • MagMD plus and 1MD B12

These two supplements mainly ensure strong and optimal cardiovascular support. They promote a healthy heart and improves cognitive function.

Also, for immune health, the following 1MD products are used.

  • ImmunityMD plus

These supplements help in maintaining a healthy immune system and excellent lung function. They help relieve cough and chest discomfort as well as regulating the body temperature.

  • ImmunityMD

Reduces stress caused by outbreaks and maintains healthy lips, mouth, and skin. It is a combination of the South African geranium that promotes proper lung function and supports immune system defenses.

More so, ProstrateMD ensures comprehensive prostate health, urinary tract function, and prostate cell function for Men’s health.

The following supplements maintain bone health;

  • OsteoMD

It is clinically studied and aids in maintaining strong and healthy bones as well as promoting skeletal strength. It also increases the absorption and mobilization of calcium in the body.

  • D3

This 1MD formula contains 5000 UI on vitamin D3, which helps to improve and fasten cognitive health and muscles function. This supplement boosts bone health and aids muscle function as well as ensures efficient calcium absorption.


this is a coenzyme methylcobalamin and a form of vitamin B12, which promotes one’s heart health and good energy level production

Lastly, eye health is maintained by VisionMD, which helps in complete visual activity and eye support. It maintains efficient eye health and has powerful ingredients that ensure healthy brain function.

1MD certified doctors

These doctors spend most of their time creating a future for medicine, promising to save peoples’ health. Doctor Heather Shenkman is a certified cardiologist who has completed a six-year medical program at Albany Medical College. At the age of 23, she had graduated and went to reside at Ford’s hospital and later advanced in interventional cardiology fellowship in Boston. Doctor Adam Kreitenberg is a rheumatologist and who has specialized in internal medicine. Hence he is the best one for medicinal advice on one’s health. He has a rheumatology fellowship at the University of Sothern, California. Doctor David Kahana is a gastroenterology who is specialized and certified in the pediatrics sector. Doctor Greenbergis is a certified pediatrician, allergist, and immunologist who has completed and resided at the University of Florida after acquiring a medical degree. Doctor Daniel Brison is an accredited urologist at 1MD who has served at UCLA’s endourology fellowship program.

Therefore 1MD recommends some best recipes to boost immunity from the best ingredients, as outlined by the certified doctors, and include information on nutrients. 1md offers the best prices in terms of purchasing medicinal formulae supplements, but this will vary on the type of supplement one needs and how long; here is a list of the prices for each supplement. The main goal of 1MD is to help live longer and healthy lives by integrating advanced science. Therefore, all 1MD products are made of the best quality, ingredients are clinically analyzed, and supply partners go through a rigorous five-star test making sure they are honest and generally conscious. With 1MD, there is no settling for less because healthy lives are the greatest priority.

In conclusion, everybody wants a healthy and robust immune system. The benefits brought about by these supplements are excellent, and therefore we should incorporate 1MD in our lives for a healthy digestive system, heart, bones, joints, etc.

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