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Infinitikloud: The Perfect & Safe Backup Storage Device


Are you fed up with the hassle of storing your files and data? While there are many ways to backup your data, it’s hard to find one that does it quickly and in a safe way. People are concerned about their data privacy more than ever. All thanks to the increased data leak by technology giants. We have got a solution for you though. 

It’s a USB drive called InfinitiKloud. The device lets you store the files you want to keep by just connecting it to your device and keeps them safe so you can access them whenever you want to. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s really not. 

What is Infiniti Kloud? 

InfinitiKloud is nothing but a simple USB stick that can save all your data – files, pictures, etc, and use it as a backup. You can use it to save almost anything. We are not kidding. Say goodbye to the heartache of losing all your memorable pictures or important work files. InfinitiKloud is THE technological charm you need to own right now. 

An ideal feature of this superb device is that it doesn’t take long for you to back up the files. It’s fast and easy to use, so for those struggling with time management, this is like a must-have gadget. 

Another impressive feature is it comes in a range of storage sizes – 32, 64 and 128. So you have a range of options depending on the usage. We’re not done yet. InfinitiKloud caters to all the computer softwares and types available in the market right now. 

The USB device holds your data in a private cloud. You can consider it as a perfect balance between a traditional USB stick and the conventional cloud storage. This basically means all you need to do is plug in this device and it will automatically store all your data in the device. 

Why Do I Need InfinitiKloud?


Have you lost your important data when a Hard Disc crashed? Or feel worried about your data being safe on the cloud? Have you ever saved your data on a physical device that doesn’t have a long shelf life and feel worried about it? If you’ve been nodding your head to all these questions, then you need an InfinitiKloud in your home right now.  

InfinitiKloud is a small USB stick where you can store anything – from pictures, files to music and videos. Anyone who uses a computer or has important data can make full use of this device. You can free up space on your computer by transferring some data into the device so the RAM isn’t burdened. Having InfinitiKloud also means you can store some special memories with your loved ones forever. 

Another amazing feature of the device is how it can help backup files quickly. No matter how heavy the file is, you can speedily back it up. That’s all because of how well it’s made, to make your life easier in every which way. 

Advantages Of Having InfinitiKloud

Compatible With All Computers: 

InfinitiKloud is compatible with all the computers. Whether you own a notebook, PC, laptop, all the devices that are equipped with a USB port. With computers that don’t have a USB port, you can use a USB port adapter for your device. 

Private and Secure: 

All the big cloud providers like Amazon or Facebook leak your data when being asked. If that’s shocking, even their employees can access your data any time they want. With InfinitiKloud you can feel safe because it uses a private cloud for all your data storage. 

Transfer Speed: 

InfinitiKloud has higher transfer speed than most SD memory cards. So, even if you are in a hurry, you shouldn’t worry, because InfinitiKloud is as fast as today’s life is. 


You can literally fit InfinitiKloud into your pocket. It’s so small and portable. You can attach it to your keychain, keep it safely in a drawer without taking much space or just fit it into your trouser pocket. It’s around three inches, and despite that, it has the capability to store huge files. Carrying it is a breeze because you won’t even feel it’s weight in your pocket. 

Why Choose InfinitiKloud? 


One-Click Backup: The unique device uses the latest USB 3.0 alongside proprietary software designed to find and identify your files. It does the same fast and with speed, so you can easily back them up. Then, it stores them for quick restoration in case of crashes in your desktop computer, laptop, or Android device. 

Easy To Store & Transfer: When needed, you can easily restore all your data with just one click. So, it’s not just easy to store the files, it’s also a hassle-free process to access them later. Once added to your PC, you can effortlessly move the files from the computer to the Android phone. 

Less Power: Unlike other storage devices, InfinitiKloud doesn’t need a lot of power to operate. Moreover, it also consumes less power. So, even if your PC or phone runs out of batter, the USB stick surely won’t fail you. 

Good Memory: As mentioned, the device has a very good storage capacity. And it’s available in three ranges. So if you’re someone who doesn’t have many files to back up, you can go for a 32 GB one. And if you prefer to divide it into two 32 GB devices, you can do that too. The options offer you flexibility. Plus, it’s easier to carry so you can carry an important document or photo log in it comfortably. 

Confidence In The Product: 

Apart from the buying offers that InfinitiKloud gives its customers from time-to-time, there are also other benefits they give to show their confidence in their creation. These are merely to outline belief in the product and create the same in the mind of their consumers too.

High-Quality: Well that might sound cliche. Every company out there will say their product is the best one around here. But seldom would they attach any testament to it, especially on a monetary level. However, InfinitiKloud offers customers guaranteed 30-day money back if they aren’t satisfied with the product. 

No Hassle Returns: Another benefit that shows the company’s reliance in their product is the no-hassle return policy. If you aren’t satisfied with the product, you can return it within 30 days. What’s more! They even offer you a full refund for the purchase. Yes, that’s right!

Fast & Easy: It’s an easy-peasy usable product. You don’t even need a manual. Just take it out of the box and plug it into your USB port. That’s it! One-click backup and private handheld cloud. Does it get any better than this? We don’t think so!

What Other Customers Say?


“It really is that easy! I’m no good with technology, but this was so simple, even I could use it. There’s nothing to it, just plug it in and it does all the work for you!”

  • Heather K., Houston, Texas, TX

“This thing is a life saver! Something went wrong with my computer last time I did an update and it wiped my hard drive. I would have lost everything if I hadn’t backed up my data a few days earlier!”

  • Annabelle S., New York, NY

“I went with the 128GB model and I can’t believe how fast it was! I’m a photographer and I have thousands of photos on my computer. It only took a couple minutes to back up EVERYTHING!”

  • Jerome Mendoza, Miami, FL

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