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Why Everyone is Going for Blissy Products

Do you desire a goodnight’s sleep with no compromise? Are you ready to start having night sleeps that let you wake up rejuvenated and energetic to start the day effectively? It is time to get back to the dream world and start sleeping again like a toddler. Sleep is inevitable to human beings, and Blissy got the best idea to keep you sleeping effectively again. Peaceful nights don’t come from simple sleep and bed spreading but incorporate much more issues such as your skin’s comfort as you lie on your pillows.

It would be best to keep your boys and skin safe during the hours you are in a deep sleep. You will have to turn positions from time to time, and you can make this possible by buying suitable pillowcases. Do you ever worry about your hair as you sleep? Sleeping can mess up hair badly, and you will have to wear other clothes like stockings to keep them from waking you up. Also, consider cleaning your bed. A bed must be pure from any germs to keep off things like mites that can attack your bed to make you uncomfortable every time you sleep. Blissy can make you have the goodnight’s sleep you have been craving for. Here is the best 100% pure mulberry silk pillowcase to look for with the highest quality 22-momme silk materials. Everyone is going silk, why not you?

About Blissy Pillowcase

As sleep is becoming more secondary in the current lifestyle, most people need to have it right when they have it. The 5 to 6 hours every night must be essential for every person who wants to continue living healthy. Nights of sleep let your body relax, and your brain processes thoughts better. Therefore, it is essential to look out for the Blissy pillowcases dedicated to everyone looking to have a better and healthy night’s sleep. Another huge advantage of the pillows is that they can be beneficial for people who want to reduce their skin damage during a night-long sleep and avoid messing their hair. Blissy mainly sells silk accessories from pillowcases, sleep masks, face masks, and hair scrunchies.

Blissy is a highly recognized brand that you can never fail to find within your neighborhood and close friends. Supermodels, hairstylists, beauty experts, and dermatologists recommend it to all who want to have the best night every time they get into the Blissy products to sleep. You can enjoy using the products with outstanding features such as glamour, essence, shape, and makeup, keeping topping other competitors to provide everyone with the best silk accessories. Therefore, the pillowcases are worth buying, and everyone should look out for them whenever you go shopping for pillows.

Blissy’s main aim with their products is to reduce all lousy hair, bad skin, and allergies that have robbed many people good night’s sleep. The company started in 2017 and has then provided many people with more peaceful sleep ever since. They have improved the lives of many people who can now sleep more effectively. Satisfied customers seem to enjoy having their skin and hair tucked safely until morning. The accessories are hypoallergenic and handcrafted. Therefore, it is universally suitable to many people who may have problems such as asthma or those with sensitive skin. The products are from the highest quality of silk available to ensure no friction when you sleep and turn at night.

Why Use Blissy Pillowcases

Many people crave good sleep even when they are healthy and don’t suffer from insomnia. The silk pillowcases brought to you by silk definitely help you sleep better while protecting your skin and hair at the same time. There are a lot of body activities that take place when people sleep. The body goes through a lot of necessary repairs, making the need for a good pillowcase inevitable. The bliss pillowcase is made with a top-notch design to allow the body cells to operate at their maximum as they repair the body and ensure no additional damage to the skin or hair during sleep.

Bliss uses 100% pure mulberry skin, which is quality silk. The silk is fed with mulberry leaves to ensure they produce the highest quality of silk that is currently the finest on the planet. Furthermore, the silk undergoes more testing to ensure purity, and the resulting pillowcases are incredible for use and healthy for human skin and hair. They are also very durable, and the test provides comprehensive results that they last very long compared to any other type of silk in the market.

The pillowcases are easy to maintain, and they are machine washable. You don’t have to go through a hassle when you need to clean your beddings by quickly getting all the dirt off. You can get them in several colors and sizes to allow you to customize the need as you want. The variety of colors will enable you to choose the one that will match your bedsheets and home décor. The colors include Champagne, Burgundy, Matcha, White, Pink, Light Marble, Gold, Black, Blue, Grey, Plum, Red, Silver, Yellow Tie Dye, Rose Gold, Taupe, Tie Dye, Lavender, and Ash Blue. Buying Blissy pillowcases will let you enjoy the following incredible features:

  • Safety
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Non-Toxic

Equally important, the pillows come in three distinct sizes:

  • Standard: $70 from $90
  • Queen: $80 from $100
  • King: $90 from $110

Is The Blissy Pillowcase Worth It?

Like any products, some customers may feel there are some negative issues with the Blissy products. However, Blissy is working on every negative issue with their products. The firm has promised that they are coming up with merits to make their product the best for every negative point raised. Most customers who have used the products so far offer positive reviews and feel that they work the same way advertised. There are great experiences in how the pillowcases are used and soft in bed, the ease of washing, and the pillowcase’s affordable prices. Most customers who have been complaining about the product’s cleaning have an advantage and can now have washable products that don’t keep dirt.

The shipment procedure of Blissy products has also been an issue for some customers. Most complain about the holiday seasons where their shipments took a long to arrive. Blissy has reported that at that time, services were slow, and now they have made arrangements for the delivery services to take place quickly. With the onset of the Covid-19, they have developed a door to door delivery services to ensure every client stays safe and have products delivered to their doorstep. Most people who have been struggling to deal with traditional pillowcases are now turning to silk pillowcases. You will get what you pay for, and there is no need to complain about any issue with these excellent pillowcases.

It is also essential to keep in mind that the pillowcases are incredibly delicate and requires thorough care than any traditional pillow. There is a chance that they will get damaged if you are not keen on using them. You have all the right ideas to choose Blissy pillowcases to enjoy sleep like a babe.

Return Policy and Contacts

Blissy is a brand that operates with a keen interest in its clients. Returns are available within 60 days of purchase. Purchasers must return all goods with their original packaging. Any used products will qualify for a full refund. Also, the return process is easy, and you can follow the simple steps below to request a refund when you feel dissatisfied with the product you bought:

  • Contact the customer care desk by sending an email to support@blissy.com or call 888-590-9670
  • You will promptly get a return label ticket that you can print and include with your package. Ensure you input the correct Blissy address on the package
  • Please make a copy of your receipt and include it with the package
  • A refund is issued to the credit card used for purchasing the goods. It happens after the products have been assessed and the refund is made active.

Utilize the available 24-hour customer service for any queries. You can get the customer services by using the telephone number and sending an email to the following recipients:

You can also find Blissy at 3900 W Alameda Ave 12th Floor Burbank, California. There is a strict observation of the Covid-19 measures. Currently, the physical customer service team operates on weekdays from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm PST.

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