Sew in Weaves - A Meticulous Guide For Your First Sew-ins

Sew in Weaves – A Meticulous Guide For Your First Sew-ins

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Hey Girls! If a brownie comes in the night to ask your wishes. What would you wish? A perfect lifestyle? A person who loves you the most? The power to eat sweets without getting fat? What will you urge for in your luxurious lifestyle?

I am not sure about you, but if a brownie comes to fulfill my top desires. I would claim for long, blond, and thicker hair apart from lucifer lifestyle and billion dollars.

Have you ever watched Hasley’s hair? I can not control the vibes that come after seeing her gorgeous hair. Her hair drools me ever. Later, it reveals to me that her hair was not natural. These were hair extensions.

At that moment, I decided to buy a Sew in Weaves to look stunning and sexy. So, I started my search for a Hair weave. There were several options available, and it took a long time to get hair weaves.

Don’t be panic. I would not leave you alone in this vast world of hair weaves. This article will help you to choose the best hair extension.

So, let’s jump into the Guide for sew-ins.

What Is The Best Hair for Sew in Weaves?

There are many options regarding hair type and hair extensions. Several people around you will suggest natural-synthetic hair, but trust me, they will never give you a natural look like human hair.

I can sense what’s going on in your mind. You might be thinking that human hair also has various varieties, which will suit you. Well, you can choose Remy Hair weave as they are the best sew-ins.

There are no solid precautions for Remy’s hair, and you can use shampoo & conditioner as well.

What Is The Perfect Length for Sew in Weaves?

Hair Extensions

One of the most crucial steps after choosing a hair weave is hair weave length. Normally, it comes 16 – 28 inches in length. You can choose the length of weave that suits you the most. Also, the number of bundles matters a lot.

How many bundles will you purchase? There is no specific rule to follow for bundles. You can add as many bundles as you want for a massive hair look. As far as the length, you can choose:

Fine hair: 16 – 18 inches

Denser Hair: 16 – 14 inches

Here is the reminder again that there is no rule to follow for sew in weave. Get your desired thicker and denser hairs with these hair extensions.

Is It Crucial to Think About Texture?

hair type and texture

Why are you ignoring texture, baby? Your natural and sexy look depends upon the texture. You can choose the texture that appeals to you. Usually, weaves come in Silky straight, thick curly, relaxed curly, etc. Besides texture, it comes in different glamorous colors that will grab your attention.


If you want to choose a weave with custom colors, then it will be your choice. It comes in the market after 3 – 4 dyes to maintain integrity. So, make it your absolute choice for permanent sew-ins. All the stylish and trendy women prefer to choose these best sew-ins.


Willing to have extra blonde hair? Remy’s hair will fulfill your desire. Remy’s hair is in demand due to its texture and light color. It will allow you to straighten the weave to get a new look. Use these extensions as per your psyche with the help of a curler and straightener.

Should You Get Straight or Deep Sew in Weaves?

Sew in Weaves

No need to worry. You can choose any of these to look stunning. It’s quite tough to get a hair weave for yourself. I was also confused when I was choosing the color and texture of hair weaves. But I ended up my search by choosing straight sew-ins. 

What makes the straight sew in weaves number one selling product in the market?

  • You can straight them quickly
  • You can use hair spray on them
  • No regular combing
  • Quite easy to maintain
  • Gorgeous look in a selfie

You can add many more innovative styles to get a flawless look. No matter whether you are a professional stylist or not.

Do you want to get a sexy appealing look? Wear these weaves and rock your style. You can use them continuously for two months with approximately zero care. Yup, without intensive care!

In Conclusion:

If you are willing to get long & thicker hair of your own choice, go for sew in weaves. The more you think, the more you will get confused. However, if you don’t want a hair extension for a long time then choose clip-in sew-ins.

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