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Gifts for Your Woman You Should Consider Buying


Guys! Do you have a lady in your life? Wife, lover, girlfriend, female friend, just name it, and you are often confused on what to gift her during birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations (big wins and small wins)? Or, probably you just want to randomly surprise her? Then, you should read on. Buying gifts for your woman is necessary and important in relationships. Gifts make her feel loved, special, and admired.

It is one of the five love languages highlighted by Gary Chapman in his popular book “The 5 Love Languages”. No matter how big or small it is, since it comes from a place of love, then go for it!

I have outlined different gifts you can get for your woman to make her happy. Check them out!


heels you can gift your woman

Which lady doesn’t love footwear? Especially trendy and classy ones. None! Your woman would love to be gifted shoes and designer shoes may just blow her mind. Designers you can try are Gucci, Fendi, Prada, or even Chanel. But if you don’t have enough cash at the moment, there are less expensive and trendy footwear you can get your woman. The footwear could be heels, stilettos, sandals, slippers, flats shoes, and sneakers.


kinds of clothes you should buy for your woman

Clothes can be dresses, gowns, skirts, shirts, suits, trousers, pants, crop tops, t-shirts, leggings, sweatsuits among others. Palazzos and kimonos, which are trendy these days, are also good options. Online vendors and social media have made things a lot easier. Going to the malls or stores isn’t necessary anymore.

You can just stay in the comfort of your home or office, make these orders online and have the vendors deliver them to your lover. If you prefer gifting them to her yourself, that’s also fine. It all depends on you!


buy a necklace for your woman

How ladies love jewelry is alarming. Or maybe it’s not. I mean, jewelry makes you stand out especially as a woman. Jewelry is a signature piece. It may be a neckpiece, earrings, gold-chain, bracelets, rings, anklets, nose-ring, or a waist bead. Trust me, your woman would look good on any of these. You should consider gifting her one or all of these as soon as possible. She needs a smile on her face.


designer watch you can gift your woman

Gone are the days when wristwatches were only for knowing the time. Now, they say a lot about you. They make statements! Buy a designer watch as a gift for your woman. I mean, she would appreciate you!

Designer wristwatches you can buy are;

  • La Dior Diamond Bracelet Watch, a Dior brand
  • Gancino Bracelet Watch 22mm, a Salvatore Ferragamo brand
  • Santos Dumont de Cartier, a Cartier brand
  • Boyfriend Skeleton Watch, a Chanel brand

However, if you are working with a tight budget, there are less expensive watches to go for. I mean, you don’t need to break a bank to please your woman. Just go all out to make her happy!

Handbags and Purses

a gift you should consider buying for your woman

This is another interesting gift for your woman you should consider buying. There are different sizes of handbags and purses, just know her taste. Some ladies generally prefer smaller bags while some are big bags fans. Again, you should go for designer bags. I think I know the question on your mind already. Here’s the answer; I love designers and I would always recommend them!

If you don’t have the means for them, that’s fine too. There are other beautiful bags and purses you can always get. Remember she shouldn’t be carrying the same bag for different occasions, so try to get her as many as you can!


your gurlfriend would love it if you buy her gadgets

This is for gadget lovers. Of course, most ladies love phones, tablets, and I-pads. You can also get her a laptop, headphone, camera, blue-tooth device, speaker, depending on her preference. Ask your woman the one she would be needing soon. Let it be on your list of gifts for your woman!


flowers are evergreen gifts for your woman

Flowers are evergreen! They have a soft spot in a woman’s heart. Red roses are amazingly beautiful, and they smell like heaven! Lilies, orchids, tulips, carnations, gerbera daisy are options you could opt for as well. Gifting your woman a bouquet or just a single one every week isn’t a bad idea. Put a smile on your woman’s face today. Give her that feeling of joy once again!


sticky love notes are great gifts

Just like flowers, cards are still trendy. You can customize yours or get an already customized one for your lover. Cards could be accompanied by flowers or other gift items. Write her sweet things, remind her about the love you have for her, you could also drop sticky love notes around the house. Make her feel special and she would love you for life!


women love cakes

Many ladies love sugary food and drinks including a cake. Though cakes are the norm for birthdays and other celebrations, here’s a tip, you should go with. Try to bake the cake yourself, doing so would blow her mind! You don’t need to be an expert, she would be extra excited knowing you baked it yourself. However, if you are too scared to try and don’t want to ruin the moment, just get a good baker to make one for you.


under wears are great gifts for your woman

As funny as it sounds, women love when their men get them undies. When it’s their perfect size, their eyes light up! It means so much to them. They are glad that you’ve studied their bodies enough to know their right sizes. You could even get matching bras and pants! How sexy!

Hairstyling kits

hairstyling kits as gifts

Here is another gift for your woman you should try out. Every woman loves her hair to look good. They go all out to keep their hair beautiful and neat. You wouldn’t need to worry as blowers, driers, straighteners, curlers, combs, brushes, and pins are all contained in the kit. Invest in your woman’s hair!

The list goes on and on. Check for the one she may need urgently and get it as soon as possible. Better still, you can wait till there’s something to celebrate. However, receiving gifts is just one out of the 5 love languages, so it shouldn’t be the only way to show love to your woman.

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