Best Lipstick Tips For Women Who Can't Make Sense of Makeup

Best Lipstick Tips For Women Who Can’t Make Sense of Makeup


Hey Girls! I know you love classic pout. How you rock the classic pout? Most often, your teeth get smudged with lipstick. Well, fret not. You can find the best lipstick tips and life-changing hacks in this article.

You might be acquainted with Lisa Eldridge – a famous makeup artist on the planet. Numerous backstage workers of Lisa Eldridge share the most surprising beauty hacks with people. Everything she does, from makeup a celebrity client to YouTube videos, is stunning. Recently Lisa launches her new lipstick kit with some innovative and life-changing lipstick tips.

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Exfoliate Your Lips:

Before applying any lipstick or lip color, make sure to exfoliate your lips. Apply a balm or Vaseline on your lips and gently massage them. Also, you can use a toothbrush for a gentle massage. You might encounter a person with dry and wrinkled lips due to a lack of moisturizer. A well-moisturized and exfoliate lips retain the lipstick for a longer time.

Play With Style:

Do you love flawlessly sculpted pout? You might have tried different shades, lip balms, and lip color for a perfect look. You can make a style of lip you love with Lisa’s lipstick kit. Also, you can play with any style by applying lipstick with your fingers. A bold lip color applied with a buff and eyeshadow brush can give blurred edges.

First of all, apply lipstick with fingers and then merge it with a buff. Lipsticks are so pigmented that a little goes a long way. Besides this, you can make lip dimension with lips pencil for a more appealing look, because lipsticks are for full coverage while lip pencils are for a sculpted look.

Layer Up – The Best Lipstick Tip:


Generally, you have lipsticks for soft blurry lips upon which you can wear a gloss. You can use a pencil gloss and lip gloss if you want to go all out!

Although lipsticks have an incredible power of staying, there is no need to layer the lips with a pencil. However, if you want a guarantee for a long-lasting look at a wedding and your special occasion, then layer your lips with a pencil before applying lipstick. You can apply the same color pencil to layer up the lips and then use gloss to change the color.

Use a light pencil stain to attain more staying power of lipstick. Also, gloss on the middle of both upper and lower tips will give fuller look.

Try a Jelly Texture:


A bolder shade can give a jelly-like appearance when applied alone on the lips. You can accentuate the bitten lip look by buffing a pencil or lipstick at the middle of the lip. Jelly texture can give a transparent and natural look. The pink tint of jelly-lips is loveable.

To get the exact color of lipstick, you can nude your lips with concealer. Otherwise, darker lip color can fade the lipstick shade, and you cannot get a similar color.

Change Your Lip Shape:


Yup! You can change your lip shape with surgery and micro-needling. With help of lip pencil and lipstick, you can change your downturn lips to a fake smilier look. Also, if there is a little imbalance between your upper & lower lip, you can use a lip pencil. Usually, I tend to balance between the upper and lower lip with a pencil.

To make your cupid’s bow more prominent draw, X with the lip pencil. After this outline, the entire lips and fill them with matching lipstick. Change the lip shape that appeals to you most. Also, you can reshape your lips with concealer for a sexier look. If you want fuller lips, outline them with concealer and then apply lipstick.

Use as Blush:

One of the most frequently asked questions to the make artists is that what blusher should I use blusher with red lipstick? Sometimes it’s hard as you cannot compete with lipstick. However, you can use a strong color lipstick on your cheeks for a coherent look.

You can apply blusher with a small blush brush. Make sure to pick up lip color before applying the final lipstick coat. Now use your middle finger to smoothly rub the color of lipstick. Blusher will start to get in synergy with the base.

The Best Lipstick Tips:

The entire beauty of a girl depends upon lips shape and lipstick. Never choose low-quality lipsticks as they can spoil your natural lips color. Also, never outline your lips so sharply that they look unnatural. Soften your lips with massage, and then use branded lipstick to get a flawless look.

When will you use these Best Lipstick Tips?

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