Moxielash: First Magnetic Eyelashes for Every Occasion -

Moxielash: First Magnetic Eyelashes for Every Occasion

Are you someone who always wants to feel in control? The best moments in life are those that bring out your most natural self. You can walk head high and chin up when you know you have the right to talk and bring what you have unapologetically. Moxielash offers you the confidence you need to take over the energy in a room on your own with stunning eyelashes ever in the market. Being the first company to sell magnetic eyeliner in the market, they pride themselves in providing top products used by several people worldwide with efficacy and breathtaking beauty.

Moxielash products are meant to let you enjoy yourself to the fullest in whatever activity you are in. if you go clubbing, running, or being an invite to a wedding, you need to have a daring ability and a face that makes you stand out among other people. That is how you can use these fantastic products to bring out the best in you to let you enjoy yourself to the fullest without any compromise. The company has also revolutionized its products from magnetic eyelashes to the production of high-tech eyelash solutions that will never disappoint.

About Moxielash Eyeliners

Anyone can win eyelashes at any time to make them feel a better version of themselves. Moxielash produces quality eyelashes that suit every face, skin tone, and beauty without any compromise. The eyeliners come in different shapes and sizes that you can choose from. The eyeliners’ varying nature is practical to ensure everyone gets their taste and unique needs when using eyelashes for their daily activities. People who often use eyeliners know that they can suit different occasions perfectly. Some also use a different size and shape when wearing specific costumes to match their fashion.

Without narrowing your lashes choices, you can choose between any of the numerous options you feel are the best and will satisfy your unique eyeliner needs. Moxielash has a team of experts set to help in choosing the products for their different clients. The number of the products may make it overwhelming to choose the right one to choose. You can talk to a knowledgeable specialist who will help you to determine your eye shape and preference. After the procedure, they will advise on the perfect match that you can choose and use effectively.

Moxielash products are very durable. However, being makeup, they expire at some point. Once the products expire, they can become complicated to use. The gel and liquid used with the eyeliners have a lifespan of about five months. It is the longest time you can find in the market, and Moxielash guarantees that you may have finished the product before this time according to your eyeliners’ usage. The products expire primarily because of the oxygen and bacteria that are in the facial region. They react with the product causing a hardening substance. You can slow down this process by ensuring every time the product is sealed when not in use.

The eyeliner is safe for use with everyone. Moxielash makes eyeliner with magnetic powder that comes from non-toxic zinc. Zinc doesn’t react with any skin type, and there is no added metal or parabens in the product. There is no issue when you apply eyeliner and enjoy its usage. Moxielash is dedicated to making their customers stay safe from any harm. Before customers purchase their products, they have to ensure that they have no eye problems and have not undergone eye surgery. In that case, it would be best to consult with your doctor to get suitable magnetic lashes that fit your condition. You can wear the lashes with eye contact and glasses with ease. There is no difference when you mix up the two.

Why Use the Moxielash Eyeliners

Moxielash products come in various mood perceptions to help you set the right mind of who you want to be on a particular occasion. There are special types of eyeliners in the arsenal that will ensure you have the right drive to take you through an event. For example, when you adorn the Classy magnetic eyelash, you will enjoy an excellent natural lash look that brings out a touch of glam. The classy magnetic eyelash is created with an incredible crisscrossed layered lash that brings out a naturally beautiful look. You can wear it on your daily escapades.

The original sassy lash is geared to bring out the mood and offer a slightly dense and bold feathered lash. The design is primarily perfect for a cat-eye. You may also use it when you want to add more extra sassy look into your day design. The lash never goes unnoticed, and you can own the day wherever you will be. Enjoy another version of the design flashy lash. The magnetic eyelash transforms your eyes in seconds into a fantastic piece of beauty. It has ultra-wispy, layered, and feathered out ashes for a more robust look. They are lightweight and comfortable to adorn. The flashy lash may be won for night outs or anytime you want to feel classy and luxurious.

The Moxielash magnetic eyeliner is safe to use and cannot damage your eye, contrary to most people’s beliefs. Every ingredient used in the eyeliner is safe for use according to the EWG ingredient rating system. The eye is a susceptible part of your body, and its safety is paramount. Equally important, Moxielash guarantees safe ingredients for all clients, and the eyeliners are safer than using lash glue. The products are hypoallergenic and can be used effectively. There is no compromise with the Moxielash products when you want safe and gorgeous lashes in the market. If you are allergic, a professional will test and ensure you are not exposed to any danger when you use our products.

The eyelashes are simple to use, and you can set them in a matter of minutes to get you a fantastic look. The Moxielash magnetic eyeliner dries within two minutes when you apply it, and you can place the eyelash style you want safely on top of the liner. The lash easily locks into place for the rest of the time you will be out. The lash application process takes about two minutes. You can also switch up the lash look easily. You only need to take off the current lash style you have on, the place is back safely to its original box, and apply the following style you want to use.

It would be best to remove the eyelashes effectively using eyeliner remover cotton swabs. They are moistened with olive oil to ensure there is no damage to your eyeliners. It helps to let the lashes come off effortlessly. Always remove the magnetic lashes before removing the eyeliner with the swabs. Ensure there is no oil on the lashes since this can damage them easily. The durability of the Moxielash magnetic eyelash depends on your proper use ad care. In general, they are suitable for about 30 wears per piece.

You should keep the liquid product at bay, and they should never touch the lashes during the application or remove them. When the liner touches the lash bands, you can use a cotton swab to remove them gently without breaking the lash. The liquid used should not touch the lash fibers. The protection box used will ensure the lash lasts longer, and you can continue wearing your classy looks over the time you need them.

Return Policy and Contacts

Moxielash wants you to enjoy using your products and have no hassle making purchases. It is their interest to make their clients happy and feel safe when using eyeliners. Because of the nature of the products they sell, they are not able to accept returns. Whenever you purchase a product and feel dissatisfied with it, you will need to contact the Moxielash customer care desk to make your complaints or request. Every sale made is final, and the company ensures every product is working correctly.

The customer care desk team will help you out with any queries regarding the product in question. In any case, there is damage to the product. There is a 100% money-back guarantee. The guarantee is also applicable to products that are defective upon arrival. When you get a damaged product, immediately send a picture of the product to Moxielash. You will also need to email your order number to locate the order information and help you swiftly. Damages are addressed within 30 days from the day of delivery. After reviewing and confirming damage, you are eligible for a refund or replacement of the item as per your terms. The original shipping costs are nonrefundable.

For any queries regarding shipment and shopping of our products, you can visit the help center on the website, chat with the customer services for free 24/7 with replies about 2-4 minutes, or email You will get responses within the first 4-6 hours.

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