6 Faux Eco-Friendly Beauty Products to Avoid – What to Look for Instead

6 Faux Eco-Friendly Beauty Products to Avoid – What to Look for Instead


Do you use Eco-friendly Beauty Products? These days, no one care about the products used. Many beauty brands focus on appearance rather than the planet. Not a single person cares about the ecosystem. These beauty products not only harmful for our planet as well as for our skin.

You can say, Thanks to Greenwashing for making sustainable beauty products. Here I will show some primary beauty products that claim to be eco-friendly while being eco-faux.

  • Bioplastic
  • Sustainable Palm oil
  • Bamboo Viscose Makeup Wipes
  • Chemical Sunscreens
  • Refillable Plastic Razors
  • Products Galore

Let’s start discussing further these Eco-Faux Beauty products.

1. Products Packed In Bioplastic:


You might be familiar with plastic decomposition procedures. After hundreds of years of decomposition, plastic doesn’t disappear. It breaks into smaller microplastic units.

Do you think bioplastic is a good thing? Not necessarily. According to EPA bioplastic also persists in the environment as traditional plastic. However, if you toss bioplastic in the basket and oceans they will not break out quickly. It will impact marine life too.

Better Bets: Products Packed in Recycled Glass, Aluminium, Paper, or Ocean Plastic

Instead of using products packed in bioplastic and traditional plastic, you can use products packed in recycled aluminum and glass. However, there is another option to use Ocean plastic. It will help you to reduce plastic from marine life and a better alternative to any type of plastic.

Products Packed In Ocean Plastic:

  • Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Serum
  • Up-circle Soothing Body Cream with Date Seeds

2. Soaps Made With Sustainable Palm Oil:


Have you ever heard about palm oil? It contributes badly to the environment and changes the climate by deforestation. Many beauty brands use palm oil, and it is a versatile product. Many case studies and survey shows that the RSPO Palm concession was found in areas where large endangered animals occupied 30 years ago.

Better Bets: Soap With Goat Milk & Glycerin

Palm oil is not an essential component of all soaps. But the manufacturers use it without figuring out the harmful effects of palm oil. However, you can use the soap made up of Goat Milk and glycerine instead of it. Make sure to check the product ingredients before buying.

Palm-Oil Free Products:

  • Ethique Sampler & Trial Packs
  • Little Seed Farm Farmstead Milk Soaps

3. Reusable Makeup Removal Pads Made From Bamboo Viscose:


Bamboo grows fast and absorbs less water as compared to cotton. There is no problem with the bamboo tree; the problem is with the fabric made from it. The viscose of bamboo contains toxic chemicals that can damage this skin. Also, the FTC labeled the products made from bamboo as Rayon made from bamboo.

Better Bets: Reusable Makeup Removal Pads Made From Organic Cotton & Hemp

You can make your makeup removal pads of cotton pads. Also, you can make pads from scrap fabric. Furthermore, you can use any T-shirt, leftover masks, and cotton pieces to make removal pads. Otherwise, you can opt for makeup removal pads made from hemp or organic cotton. You can use bamboo linen & lyocell instead of bamboo rayon & viscose.

Makeup Removal Pads of Organic Cotton:

  • Sierra Linen Reusable Cotton Rounds

4. Chemical Based Sunscreens:


You know there are two types of Sunscreen, Chemical & Physical. The physical sunscreen creates a barrier against Ultraviolet rays by minerals. Meantime the chemical sunscreen absorbs the UV rays and prevents them to damage your skin. There is a memo that chemical sunscreen is awful for the environment and damage marine life too. But many brands are still using chemical sunscreen with homosalate & octisalate chemicals.

Better Bets: Non-Nano Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide

By knowing the effects of chemical sunscreen, you may opt for physical sunscreen made from Zinc dioxide. Whenever you are in the market, look for non-nano-labeled products. These products are harmless for aquatic life and the ecosystem. Try to use Eco-Friendly Beauty Products than Eco-Faux products.

Non-Nano Zinc Oxide Products:

  • Green Goo Solar Goo SPF 30
  • Raw Elements Daily Moisturizer Aluminum Tube SPF 30

5. Refillable Plastic Razors:


You can choose the less harmful product between refillable and plastic razors. Refillable has lesser evil than others. However, after using razors for several purposes, you still end up in the landfill.

Better Bets: Safety Razors

I can sense that you are scared about using safety razors. But these are not as scary as it seems. These are more sustainable than refillable and plastic razors. Also, it works longer.

Safety Razors Products:

  • Albatross butterfly razors

6. Multi-Step Product Routine:


Even you are buying all the eco-friendly products, but using too many products means using too many resources. These products include shipping, manufacturing, and packaging and cause a mess in the environment.

Better Bets: Streamlined Products With Minimal Products

You can choose products with multiple uses. In this way, you will not buy so many things and pair them down with the environment.

Streamlined Products:

  • Dew Mighty dynamic duo starter kit
  • Axiology balmies


Due to greenwashing, many brands are making sustainable beauty products. However, it is hard to opt for ace products. Make sure to research appropriately before claiming Faux Eco-Friendly Beauty Products. For instance, you can use streamlined & sustainable beauty products.

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