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Why Should I Do Pilates? | A Must-try Workout

When talking about workout, people often mention weightlifting, kickboxing, strength training and others. Seldom will you hear people mention Pilates. It’s a shame as it brings about many benefits that are just what your body needs. Why should I do Pilates is a common question thrown at anyone trying to brag its benefits. Here we laid out some of the important reasons why you should do so.

Named after its creator Joseph Pilates, it is a low-impact exercise that involves muscular strength, flexibility and endurance. It targets core strengthening, muscular balance and proper posture. Thus, it involves repetitive exercises that are performed on the mat or using other equipment. Many people often confuse Pilates with yoga. Though they are quite similar in many aspects, Pilates is a more intense exercise and is proven to bring faster results.

Below are the top reasons why this is a must-try workout:

1. Anyone Can Do Pilates

There is something about Pilates that makes it seem intimidating for beginners. Often people think it is only for the flexible and athletic. If that’s what you’re thinking too, you’re wrong. Whether you are just starting out with your workout, a senior citizen or an advanced athlete, Pilates is for you. The fundamentals of Pilates starts with core strengthening, to proper alignment and eventually the integration of body and mind. Thus, this makes it accessible for anyone wanting to give it a try. The movements and exercises can be modified in many ways to cater the needs of each practitioner.

2. Improved Flexibility

Pilates involves movements that allow you to lengthen and stretch your muscles and move your joints. If you are not flexible to begin with, fret not as you can join beginner’s class that suit your needs. As mentioned, there are many modifications that can be done. Moreover, flexibility comes in progression as your body becomes accustomed to the movement over time.

3. Lean Muscles

If you are the type who doesn’t want to develop bulky muscles just to look athletic, Pilates is for you. The movements focus more on strengthening your body core, posture and alignment. Thus, it doesn’t build up extra size muscles, rather define it. When performed correctly, it will give you nice toned muscles that are just what your body needs.

4. Core Strength

Core muscles involve not only your abs, but also your lower back, pelvic floor, diaphragm and obliques. These muscles allow us to have a good posture and dynamic body movements. Thus, core strengthening will make it easier for us to do plenty of physical activities efficiently from reaching an object from a top shelf, to bending down to tie our shoe laces. What’s more, it allows athletes to avoid injuries and minimize fatigue. More importantly, strong core muscles help alleviate back pain.

5. Improved Posture

Many health problems such as back pain, rounded shoulders and spinal dysfunction are often linked to poor posture. This is often the result of bad habits like slacking and inactivity. Unfortunately, we don’t usually notice ourselves doing these bad habits on a daily basis. Hence, Pilates is workout that aims for good alignment and strong core which eventually results to good posture. Though practicing Pilates will not quickly straighten your bad posture, it will train your body once more on how to hold yourself from the impacts of inactivity. Thus, practicing Pilates will allow you to develop good posture and thereby minimize possible health problems, improve breathing and increase energy levels.

6. Weight Loss

When you want to lose weight, you need to lessen calorie intake and burn more calories. Pilates is a great exercise to burn those calories as it is combined with some aerobic movements. As it is a full-body workout, it doesn’t leave behind any parts of the body. It trains your body as a whole while focusing on your core strength. While it focuses on toning the muscles and not cardio, the movements can be tough depending on intensity levels. Thus, you might want to bring an extra shirt and towel to wipe the sweat out.

7. Mind And Body Awareness

Practicing Pilates does not only allow you to ease body pain, develop abs, and strengthen body, but also gives you peace and inner strength. It has proven to provide benefits to your brain by improving your memory and allowing better brain functions. It allows your nervous system to activate sleeping movement chains by engaging your muscles. Apart from that, you can develop your mindfulness by clearing your mind and concentrating on one thing while performing Pilates. Much like meditation, it cleanses your mind and gain peacefulness. Several studies have also linked the practice of Pilates to stress reduction and improved wellbeing.

Overall, while Pilates focuses on core strength and proper posture, you can reap plenty of benefits that are way beyond your body needs. It provides you with an inner peace and healthier mind and body.

So, wait no more and book your first class! See you on the mat!

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