SolaWave: Red Light Therapy for Younger Looking Skin -

SolaWave: Red Light Therapy for Younger Looking Skin

SolaWave is a beauty device that contains a portable light red therapy aimed at improving one’s skin complexion. It combines four powerful functions approved by skincare enthusiasts in the dermatologist sector. They have found out that the red light-emitting diode (LED) reduces the wrinkles on one’s skin and hyperpigmentation and scarring as a result of previous acne. The length of the red wave results is unbelievable in the stimulation of mitochondria of the skin cells. It further boosts rejuvenation and healing.

SolaWave uses micro-current technology under electrical stimulation to maximize or increase collagen production. This is very important in producing proteins. It plays an important role of strengthening the skin and giving you a healthy skin. SolaWave is very effective when it comes to the reduction of wrinkles. It amplifies moisturizers and serums to penetrate deeper into the skin. This gadget is portable. This means you can easily carry it anywhere since it’s a small piece of equipment. It is also rechargeable hence no need for a power supply. This equipment is so useful since it serves its purpose and contains no harmful negative effects. You can charge it via a micro USB port which comes together with the items.

Anyone can use SolaWave c irregardless of your skin tone and texture, allowing you to take charge of your skin.

Facial Glow with Solawave

We all like to glow and look beautiful, starting from our skin appearance to everything that makes us; this boosts our confidence wherever we are. How does it feel when you get compliments on how radiant and glowing you appear? To ladies, it takes a lot of effort and time to get that facial makeup they cherish and love. This is because they dislike any blemish on their skin.

Has it been so hard for you to appear and show your face to people and friends because of skin blemishes, sagging, wrinkles, and any other skin appearance that makes your self-esteem lowered? I understand how these embarrassing moments affect you, but no need to worry or suffer anymore; solawave is here for you. If you have no idea of what Solawave is, what it does, how it operates, read on to understand better. This product is does magical performance.

Solawave band and how it works

Solawave is an advanced skincare tool that uses a combination of 4 powerful dermatological technologies. These include micro currents, red light therapy, therapeutic warmth, and facial massage. They improve your complexion, giving you healthy skin.

It is a tool for the face. Thus, it should only be for your the forehead, eyes, cheeks, jawline, and neck. It enhances your facial appearance by getting rid of facial blemishes through its latest technology. These include dark spots, sagging, puffiness, and wrinkles. Solawave has been dermatologically proven and tested by estheticians after going through everything that makes it.

How to use the SolaWave equipment?

You should always apply a moisturizer such as the Solawave serum after a complete wash and drying of your face. This helps the device glide through every part of the face. Thus, it allows you to enjoy a sensational soothing massaging feel on your skin. It would be best if you evenly rub in circles throughout your face. It should not stay in a single place at the beginning. Move on an upward motion to achieve desired lift on your smile line. Go on a downward motion below your center chin to avoid a double chin. Move from one center of the jawline towards the ears to build a contour. Repeat it for the other jawline.

If you haven’t joined our family by getting this band, this is the perfect chance for you. Enhance your skin appearance in just two weeks by getting your tool today. Let the beauty and glowing skin be your weapon. Get your guts together and order a Solawave to experience the joy of facial massage. It keeps your skin healthy, radiant, and rejuvenated. Live life full of confidence and style, let friends and family stare at your beautiful glow.

The SolaWave device is a super cool device that contains a sensor. It turns on when you touch it and off when you release. Also, it stays off if you don’t touch it but more so one has to charge it until full. It has an amazing feature of rotating. Hence, it is sleek and compact as it has a 90-degree rotating head. This helps adjust to the contours of the face. You can use this SolaWave for five minutes a day on a clean, dry face. Most preferably, do not use on an oily face.

Further Instruction

Apply a hydro conductive serum on your skin that is provided and needed when performing that easy task. This serum contains hyaluronic acid and aloe vera that amplifies the SolaWave wand technology, making it last longer than ever. When using it, do not repeat moving it against a certain place on your skin for a long time. Instead, just slide over the skin so smoothly. Beauty enthusiasts who love contouring should move the SolaWave device to the direction you want your contours to lift.

SolaWave contains some unique specifications; it has a net weight of 1 oz, which makes it portable to be carried. This device has a charging time of exactly 120 minutes which can last to working time 60 minutes of use. It has a current of 0.2 Amperes and a power of 1.5W. It is made of aluminum alloy combined with a pc, the red light wavelengths, which are at 66nm. The dimensions of this device are 6 in W * 4 in H * 6 in L. Certifications RoHs contains an input voltage of 5V and a maximum temperature of 107 degrees (F)

Steps to follow when using SolaWave

1. Use SolaWave device on a clean and dry face.
2. Move the gadget on a semicircular motion when glinding under the eyes.
3. Move on an upward movement on your smile line as you lift towards the cheeks.
4. Go on a downward motion just below the center of the chin to reduce a double chin.
5. Move in an upside motion to lift your neck side.
6. Go from one center of the jawline towards the ear to build a contour. Repeat the same for the other jaw.
7. Move upwards towards your hairline from the middle of your forehead.

Benefits of SolaWave equipment

We have diverse and outstanding benefits of using the product since;
It combines Micro currents, red light therapy, and warming Massage, which boost your collagen and elasticity.
With the daily use of the solawave wand and its accompanying products, your skin becomes more moisturized. Moreover, the pores open, which help with blood flow. This is accompanied by a soothing warm massage from the therapeutic warmth that leaves your skin healthy and beautiful.

In about two weeks of using the product, you achieve a glow and rejuvenated skin. With this look, you get a heightened confidence, respect and personality.

It helps fade blemishes like acne, dark spots, and other discomforting skin problems like wrinkles, puffiness, and sagging. This may not be instant, but you will see more changes as you continue using SolaWave. You will soon surprise yourself in achieving a perfect look.

SolaWave for Younger Looking Skin

• Reduces the visibility of wrinkles by increasing collagen production. Hence, over time, one’s wrinkles start to fade off or stop emerging. There is a big difference with one who’s not using this equipment. But this is not a guarantee that your wrinkles will never appear, however it reduces the visibility appearance.

• The vibration produced by this equipment provides a facial massage. Thus, it boosts the skin’s simple laxity by decreasing the puffiness appearance and draining the toxicity. Smothering the skin from one’s face leads to making a face look more refreshing and slimmer.

• The therapeutic warmth, as a result, causes the body to engage in a process called vasodilatation. This is the widening of the blood vessels. This causes an increased flow of blood, circulation, and the opening of small pores. The rotating ceramic head provides soothing warmth. This is more like approximately 100 degrees. It reduces the dark patches or circles on one’s skin, leading to healthy glow skin.

• The SolaWave has low voltage electrical waves which stimulate the muscles and deepen the dermis of the skin. Micro currents enhance the skin by counteracting the common symptoms of aging. They deliver a voltage of 330 microamps directly to the skin’s surface to make it glow and look smooth. A clinical trial which conducted in 2012 proved the effectiveness of microcurrent therapy. It showed that microcurrent therapy was 20 percent effective in reducing wrinkles for patients after a mild two sessions. It resulted in a 70 percent increase rate for patients who had pursued microcurrent treatment for their skin issues.

Care and maintenance

Solawave wand is a portable and rechargeable device. It comes in a ray of colors for you to choose from depending on your passion and personality. For every device to last long and perform well, it needs proper care and handling. The following are ways of maintaining the SolaWave band.
You should charge it using a micro USB cable with a wall adapter. Also, you can a computer with a USB 2.0 port, or a portable charging pack. You should charge and leave it for two hours for a full battery. . This can last up to 1hour when it’s in use continually. You should never use this device while charging since it may cause damage. It may trigger its functionality or cause danger to the user.
We also need to avoid chargers that have high speed. This is because they are likely to cause damage to the battery and affect its performance.


Solawave is a device that both dermatologists and estheticians have approved to be the best in handling our skin. If you are suffering from certain illness like cancer, you should seek medical advice first. People who have gone through recent surgeries, or pregnant and nursing must also consult a doctor. Although this product is 100% safe, there are some contents that might not be good to some. It’s good to be sure if you have any underlying conditions to avoid causing harm to yourself. We also must be vigilant and no allow children below the age of 18 to have them. Your health should always come first, no matter what it takes you to have it.

Types of SolaWave

SolaWave device comes in three different colors that are rose gold, red and black. Each is similar and serves the same purpose; this device comes in a packet together with a gel liquid that’s the hydro serum. The Price of this device may range because of different stores and locations. This device has a one-year warranty, a 30 free Day Risk trial, and free shipping to any location. One can choose to pay via debit or credit card. After purchasing, the payment is taken into order and processed. Then, you can expect delivery in approximately two weeks. Some costs maybe higher for some specific consumers as per the terms.


• Do not dip the device in water or clean it by immersing it in water. This is dangerous since it’s an electronic gadget. It can cause electrocution or damage of the device’s interior parts or cause harm to one’s own body.

• Do not use the SolaWave gadget while your skin is not dry. Make sure that the skin is totally dry and not in contact with any liquid before starting. This is because the rays may react with water. It is not advisable to only apply the serum that comes with it.

• Please do not use this electrical equipment while charging. This is so you avoid shock and prolonging the battery life to enhance durability and use of the item.

• Avoid removing it until it has finished charging to prolong the battery life.

Prolonged on the first day because the skin must get used to this amazing process, but there is a good slight feel after finishing the process. As recommended above it’s good to take at least fifteen to twenty minutes every day, and a large positive change will surely be seen on your skin.

SolaWave’s first release was not long ago, and since then, many people have recommended using this device to improve skin. Amazon’s online trading gave it a six global rating and five stars. A hundred percent of the users say it’s an easy product. Others say that the product is making their dark spots disappear. While on the SolaWave company, it has a seven rating which gives the gadget a 98 percent efficiency.

As one is purchasing SolaWave he/she can opt to buy in one’s favorite of the three colors as mentioned above. Out of the customers or users who bought this product, 93 percent reported more vibrant skin. They further attested lifted skin after using this device for 14 days. All who want a beauty gadget which will enhance their skin, SolaWave is the best for this task. It is backed by science and has been approved by estheticians. Therefore, you should consider including SolaWave into your skincare routine.

What Makes Solawave

This device has been certified to be safe for use on the skin. Scientists, dermatologists, and estheticians all have joined hands to approve its use and appealing results on facial complexation. The best technologies that have come up with Solawave and include the following:

Red Light Therapy

This therapy uses the optimal range of red led light which uses a wavelength of 660 nanometers. It is famous for improving the skin appearance making you achieve a smooth and even tone. Additionally, it helps in deeply rejuvenating the skin, giving you a vibrancy look. It also reduces the appearance of wrinkles.
Micro currents use low-voltage energy that causes the muscles’ stimulation, and deep layers of the skin helps get rid of aging signs and promote smooth and healthy skin. It further proves to reduce wrinkles appearance by 20% in just two weeks of using Solawave.

Therapeutic Warmth

It works by releasing heat that causes the widening of the blood vessels, which leads to an increase in blood flow, circulation, and temporary opening of the skin pores. By this, it aids the skin in easy absorption. It evenly delivers soothing warmth at approximately 100°F that reduces the appearance of dark spots redness, giving you healthy and glowing skin.

Facial Massage has a low- vibration that provides a gentle massage that helps decrease the appearance of puffiness and boosts the skin’s natural radiance. It makes the shape of the face appear slimmer and refreshed. It also gives a soothing feel which helps improve the skin appearance whereby sagging also disappears.
Rotation head- its head can rotate at a 90 degrees angle, making it easy for it to move easily along different face contours.

Activation touch – the solar wave can only work when it’s touched by the skin, meaning you can only activate it by touch.

All these technologies have been merged to ensure a facial glow on women and a healthy and more radiant look. We have received more than 90% of positive customer remarks and reviews on how well they feel and the new magical transformation they have received in less than weeks of using Solawave. They love how wonderful the product has restored their confidence, pride, and beauty, making them appear younger than they are.

Products that blend with Solawave facial tool

We all know how women are raving for beauty products they use on their skin to achieve a perfect, desired, and admirable look. Most women use more than one product on their skin. This device comes along with different products for your face and give you the perfect result when blended with the Solawave wand. They include;
Pure hydration serum is a priming serum with hyaluronic acid that is so natural and air well with the solawave wand to give you a perfect facial glow.

Renew complex serum- it’s a priming serum that contains blue tansy and hyaluronic acid. It is used together with the wand to bring out the best of your facial appearance.

The Takeaway

To get more thrilling and compelling results. It’s highly advisable that you use the Solawave serum. You will get better results than if you use different products that are not of great quality. Most especially, manufacturers have tested this product for perfect use.

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