Eyebrows Maintenance Tips – How to Properly Groom Your Brows

Eyebrows Maintenance Tips – How to Properly Groom Your Brows


Summer is ahead! With the rising temperature, you want to add minimal makeup to your dream kit. A pop gloss, light mascara, and slight moisturizer, and you are all set to run the world. If I’m not wrong, you are ignoring your beauty basics – your brows. Well, fret not. I am here to assist you with Eyebrows Maintenance Tips.

Let’s be real. Your eyebrows determine the shape of the entire face. You can leave them to grow wild or pulk with a tweezer to look sharp. The tiny brows arches determine how your make look. Your luscious looks depend upon your lips, eyes, brows, and makeup. How you pulk your brows?

Well, you’re at the right place. Below are some tips & tricks to maintain your eyebrows standing out.

Tweeze After You Shower:


Oh! Tweezing is a painful process. Some girls tweeze the brows a single time, while many others don’t; due to pain. However, you can reduce the tweezing pain by pulling brows after a shower. After taking a hot shower, you can grab a tweezer to reshape your brows. The hot shower water opens the hair follicle, and you can easily pluck your brows.

Instead of tweezing, you can use brow wax. There is numerous soap wax available that can reduce trimming & tweezing pain. Also, brow wax gives a more styled look without leaving a residue.

Align Your Brows Shape With Your Face:


Before plucking your brow arches, make sure to align them with your face. You can use a brow pencil to reshape the end and arches of your brow. In general, the beginning of your brows starts at the beginning of nostrils. Hold a pencil vertically to align the shape of the brow with that of the nostrils.

To align the shape of the arches, place a pencil at the tip of the nose and angle it across your pupil. Make sure to place the pencil straight.

To find the end of your brows, place the pencil against your eyes and nose. The perfect length of brows is where the pencil and brow end. If your brow is longer, then tweeze it.

Tweeze With Good Lightning:

To avoid a beauty disaster, make sure to tweeze your brows in a well-lit environment. Some girls pluck their brows in the dim light of the bathroom and spoil the shape. For reshaping your brows, hold a handy mirror in your hand and move to a well-lit area. Start plucking your tiny hair for a stunning look.

Tweeze In The Direction of Your Hair Growth:

Some girls pluck the brow improperly that a tiny black hole left. Tweezing in the direction of hair growth ensures that you have plucked the hair follicle. Also, it ensures that hair will regrow after a longer time.

Moisturize Your Brows:


To get glowing and shiny skin, you moisturize it. Just like that, you have to moisturize your brows. There is plenty of moisturizers available in the market that ensure the growth and maintenance of brows. Make sure to well moisturized the underneath skin to prevent hair flakiness. However, most people don’t think it necessary to moisturize the brows. Due to dryness hair sheds, and leave spaces.

Trim Your Brows:


For a fresher and stunning look, trim your brows. Don’t allow your brows to get wild. Take a tiny pair of scissors to make your brows gorgeous. You can use a nose-trimmer as its round edges prevent brows cutting.

First of all, brush your brows up and then carefully trim them with a scissor. Make sure to remove all the uneven hair to get a perfect upper-side of eyebrows.

Are you ready to try these eyebrows maintenance tips & tricks?

Fill In The Spaces:

If you are lucky to have thick brows, then I praise you. However, you can fill the puppies and spaces with an eyebrow pencil to get a thicker and fuller appearance. Your first initiative would be to find a competent color of your brows.

Don’t fill the spaces densely. Make sure to lightly stroke the pencil in the hair direction. Are you acquainted with the darker area of natural brows? Natural brows are darker at arches. So, remember to fill the arches accurately. Keep the beginning of brows lighter and make your way good to go.

Add Your Eyebrows Maintenance Tips & Tricks:

Hopefully, these eyebrows maintenance tips and tricks will help you to feel good. You can use these tips for a flawless look. Never ignore the growth and maintenance of your brows as they need the same care as your hair. You can add a moisturizer to your skincare routine for the maintenance of eyebrows. Thick, properly arched, trimmed natural brows can change your look.

Stop over-plucking your brows, & groom your brows with simple tips!

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