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Balux AirCoolr: Rapid Cooling In 30 Seconds

Are you ready to win the battle against the summer heatwave? Balux AirCoolr is the number one selling product as it gives high cooling during hot summer. The Balux portable AC is flooding the market due to its small desktop size and innovative features.

Summer is ahead. The temperature all around the world raises, and people use AC for cooling. People of the Arctic zone look for AirCoolr as summer become increasingly hotter there. However, there is a solution for you.

You can get high-quality portable AirCoolr with additional health benefits. I’m talking about Balux AirCoolr!

With this AirCoolr, there is no need to pay high electric bills and other accumulative charges. It will cool down your room within 30 seconds and prevents dust. Moreover, Balux – AirCoolr has dust-raising fans that keep the environment clean. Balux is gaining praise from people as it is an effective alternative to the outdated large air conditioner. It will not cause humidity as the other air conditioners. Be ready to beat the unbeatable hot weather with Balux – AirCoolr.

What Sets Balux AirCoolr Apart?

Almost all homes have air condition systems. Some systems are new while the other is not, you can rely on the new technology. The balux AirCoolr will solve your problems, there is no need to install multiple air conditioners for multiple rooms.

The outdated air conditioners use aerosols gas for cooling that is bad for the environment. Also, they have a massive appearance and carry wide space. Furthermore, there is another alternative – fan coolers; they are portable but cannot effective for dust-stirring.

Summer brings lots of dust and allergic particles. How will you remove these allergens? Generally speaking, you need a device to stir the dust into your faces. The modern technology of Balux has zero issues. Although, the innovative features of balux give comfort. Balux is:

  • Compact – you can keep it in the car.
  • Cost-effective – as it doesn’t use high electricity.
  • Simple – you can set it in few minutes.
  • Clean environment – as it has a humidifier to cool the air.
  • Environmental-friendly – don’t leave allergens in the air.

How Does The Balux AirCoolr Works?

Water Curtains – Balux contains water curtains that cool the air. The addition of a cooling tray at the bottom cools the air within 30 seconds. When the air passes through the water curtains, it becomes cool and clean. The multiple layers of curtains remove the germs and dust particles in the air. You can get the humidified cooled air.

Evaporation Technology – Balux works on Evaporation technology that changes the heat into cold. Almost all the high-quality ACs contain the evaporation technology that is incorporated into Balux.

Installation – The installation process of balux is easy and efficient. There is no need for a professional to install it. Not to worry, you don’t have to pay extra. Open the balux pack and follow the easy set-up.

Charging – Before using this device, make sure to charge it. Balux has a rechargeable lithium battery. Once you recharge the battery, it can work the whole night. It comes with a USB cable similar to a smartphone charger.

Thermoelectric Principle – balux works on this principle to delivers a pleasant cooling throughout the time.

DC & AC Electric Sides – balux has AC and DC sides; the heated sides remain at room temperature. On the other hand, AC sides remain cooler and cool the surrounding temperature. When the hot air passes through balux, it cools the air by the thermoelectric principle.

Three Fan Speed – Though Balux is small portable AC, you can choose the fan speed as a large AC unit. Honestly speaking, it depends upon your comfort which level is suitable for you.

Water Cooling – As stated earlier, the balux contains water curtains for cooling. The water cooling ensures that the environment is clean and healthy. The water curtains can work accurately for 6 – 8 months. It can work for a longer time if you keep them clean. Also, it contains a water tank of 300 ml that ensures you don’t have to fill it too often.

Get the crisp air with portable Balux AirCoolr!

Characteristic Features of Balux:

Hurry! You have purchased the balux portable AC to beat the summer heat. No worries if you are still confused about whether it provides you enough cooling or not. Well, none of your confusion remains left after reading the primary features of Balux.

  • Two Operating Modes:

Balux comes with two operating modes that are:

  • Cooling breeze
  • Regular fan

It depends upon you which operating-mode will be perfect for you. Sit on a comfy sofa and turns the Balux on to enjoy the cool breeze. Remember to set the louvers according to your position for good air.

  • Humidifier Function:

Balux alleviates the summer heat by evaporation. The humidifier functioning of balux removes all the dry air and makes a pleasant environment.

  • Fast Cooling:

Balux portable AC works on thermoelectric cooling and evaporating technology to cool the air. The fast method of balux can cool the room within 30 seconds.

  • Portable:

Balux is easy to carry and lift. It weighs only 2 pounds you can carry it to your office for a better cooling environment. It comes with easy-to-hold handles and a compact design. Further, the compact design allows a person to keep it anywhere.

  • Quit:

Balux is a good device to sleep at night as it doesn’t emit obnoxious noise. Have a peaceful sleep at night with Balux AirCoolr!

  • Mood Light:

The addition of mood light at the top is perfect for making a pleasant environment. Also, the light can break your boredom and make you feel happy & cool.

  • Powerful Battery:

Balux has a 200mAh battery that is powerful enough to cool the air for a longer time. Also, it won’t consume too much electricity as other air conditioners do. You can safely use the balux overnight while sleeping.

  • Affordable:

Last but not least. Balux is affordable with all the innovative features. Also, it has greater long-term value than wall-mounted actions.

Technical Specifications of Balux AirCoolr:

  • Nominal power: DC5V
  • Negative Working Power: 1 Watt
  • Power Mode: USB
  • Noise: only up to 40 dB
  • Battery life: 8 hours in the lowest fan speed, 4.5 in average fan speed, and 2.5 in fastest fan speed.
  • Low noise operation

Is It Worth Buying Balux Portable AC?

Absolutely! It is worth buying. If you want to have a small portable AC, then balux is perfect for you. It is easy to install and cheap as well. Whenever you are buying an aircon system, you have to pay excessive money. However, you can buy the balux AirCoolr at cheaper rates as compared to any other system. In contrast to other large devices, balux doesn’t consume high electricity as it is cost-effective. It is portable so you can move it from one room to another.

Another reason to buy Balux is environmentally friendly as it doesn’t evolve aerosols. Balux humidifies the home air to make it loveliest and pleasant. The effective cooling system of balux is healthy for you and your family. With all the potential benefits, balux is a perfect device to have.

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Where To Buy The Balux Portable AC?

Finally, you have decided to add Balux to enhance your indoor experience. Where you can buy balux? You can get the balux at affordable rates on the official websites. Buying from the official website ensures the best price and high-quality.

Order it to maintain your perfect temperature!

Final Verdict:

As the summer is extending and comes with dry air. Summer is full of allergens and dust with lots of sweat. How will you handle all these issues? To cool down your surrounding environment you need a perfect air condition system. Furthermore, Balux AirCoolr will give you a cool breeze at your home, office, and weekend trip.

Balux is a lifestyle gadget that you must buy. The fantastic cooling with a rechargeable battery makes it a versatile device for summer. You can save hundreds and thousands of dollars by installing the Balux-AirCoolr.

In a nutshell, Balux is an excellent and suitable portable AC that is safe to use as an air cleaner & air conditioner.

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