Natural Eyelashes – A Comprehensive Guide to Grow Eyelashes Naturally

Natural Eyelashes – A Comprehensive Guide to Grow Eyelashes Naturally


Hey Girls! Don’t you hate your boyfriend if he has longer eyelashes than you? Or when you see a girl having longer and thicker eyelashes? Many girls around you don’t use mascara because she has voluminous Natural Eyelashes. Don’t you think Life is so unfair, doesn’t it? Long eyelashes look incredibly gorgeous and lift your look instantly.

Some girls are lucky enough and blessed with luscious eyelashes, while some have to apply coats and coats of mascara. They need a lash extension to volumize the eyelashes. They do everything to get their eyelashes game strong. I can understand your situation. However, you can get thicker and bomb lashes naturally too.

If you are living a frustrating and annoying life with limp lashes and wondering to know how to grow eyelashes naturally, I am glad to tell you that you can. There are plenty of effective ways and remedies to grow eyelashes.

Make a way to grow eyelashes longer!

Why Your Natural Eyelashes Aren’t Growing, or Are Falling Out?


Bomb eyelashes is not a dream anymore!

Short and limp eyelashes may be due to heredity, but there are numerous factors too. Falling out lashes may be due to nutrient deficiency and an unhealthy diet. Sometimes hormonal imbalance, stress, dry eyelids, and aging result in short lashes. Another significant reason is the use of expired and low-quality products. Also, it may be a result of poor hygiene and medical condition.

Whatever the reason is, you can rely on natural ingredients. Besides this, take care when adding a new eye product to your routine.

According to a dermatologist, rubbing the eyelashes again & again breaks the eyelashes. Frequent rubbing may result in damaged and thinner eyelashes. I am a living testimonial to frequent rubbing and have short eyelashes.

Our lashes grow on a 4 – 8 week cycle. If you pull out the lashes by rubbing, the hair will not grow back quickly. It will leave a fringe, sparse, short eyelashes.

Home Remedies To Get Natural Eyelashes:

Here are 8 home remedies to get longer, thicker, and dramatic lashes.

Castor Oil:


Castor oil is not a new product to the beauty routine. Numerous girls use castor oil to prevent dandruff, premature grey, wrinkles, and sunburns. It is one of the most trusted beauty elixirs and hair care regimes. By adding castor oil to your skincare and hair growth routine, you can get a five-time sooner result.

You can apply castor oil on eyelashes to make them thicker and longer. For quicker and efficient results, add few drops of coconut oil in castor oil, and use it with a cotton bud. Remember to use the oil mixture at night.

Green Tea:


I love green tea. Its flavor and natural ingredients have plenty of health and beauty benefits. In contrast, to losing weight green tea has another potential benefit. The intake, as well as the application of green tea, can improve hair growth.

The presence of flavonoids and polyphenols makes it beneficial for health. Green tea improves the length and thickness of lashes. You can drink a cup of green tea regularly and apply it to the lashes substantially. Hold up a cotton bud, dip it into the green tea, or place the bag on the eyelid for natural growth.

Calm your tired eyes, baby!

Olive Oil:


Say hello to the old and most effective olive oil. It is another efficient and effective way to get gravity-defying lashes. The incorporation of natural fatty acids makes it a versatile and healthy product.

Olive oil can promote hair growth and prevent the falling out lashes. Yup, it can do more than this. Olive oil can give naturally glowing and flawless skin. You can get your lash game on by using the natural remedy of olive oil. Dip a cotton swab in olive oil to smear it on your eyelashes. Olive oil will strengthen your lashes and improve hair growth by empowering the hair follicles.

Petroleum jelly:


In winters, we use petroleum jelly or Vaseline to moisten the dry skin. Similarly, we can apply petroleum jelly to contribute to eyelashes growth. Petroleum jelly conditions the eyelid and surrounding area that improves the overall growth.

Are you thinking to use petroleum Vaseline with your fingers? No way, pick a mascara brush, clean it thoroughly. Dip it into the petroleum jelly and smoothly roll it into your lashes.

Also, you can apply Vaseline before using mascara on the eyelashes. It will prevent dryness and brittleness. Also, it will become easy to remove the makeup in one swipe.

Vitamin E Oil:


You might be familiar with the surprising hair growth benefits of Vtiman E. it is one of the most effective & tested methods to grow eyelashes naturally. Many celebrities confess that they use Vitamin E to thicker their brows and lashes.

The powerful vitamin E tonic not only improves hair growth but strengthens them to prevent shedding. You can get heavy lashes by gently massage the lashline with Vitamin E Oil.

Usually, Vitamin E oil comes in capsules; you can break it to use the extract. Apply the oil on eyelids daily and massage them gently. Massage therapy increases blood circulation and thus improves hair growth. You can apply it with a mascara brush. Slightly move the lashes upward with a brush before going to bed; rinse the oil in the morning.

Shea Butter:


Here is another best natural product to apply on eyelashes. Shea butter has excessive hydration power; you can see the magic after few days of application. Besides intensive hydration, shea butter contains Vitamin C – a natural antioxidant. Vitamin C enhances the production of collagen and prevents free radicals from damaging the environment.

With all these potential benefits, you can increase the growth of eyelashes promptly. If your eyelashes are shedding, don’t waste your beauty & pick shea butter to moisturize the lashes. A proper moisturizer leads to massive growth.

Get your Natural Eyelashes back!

Coconut Oil:


Another natural remedy to sparse eyelashes is coconut oil. I am sure that it will be present on your kitchen shelf. So, what are you waiting for? Apply this delicate and safe oil to your eyelids. The coconut oil traps protein in the eyelashes make them healthier, thicker, and longer.

You can apply coconut oil with a mascara wand, dip it into the oil bottle, and apply it.

Eye Massage:


Just like your scalp, your eyelids and area around the eyes need a massage. Massage therapy will strengthen the roots and promote hair growth. You can massage your eye area for 1 – 2 minutes a day to keep the blood regulation well.

Keep applying eye cream or any other aforementioned steps for beneficial results. In addition to this, massage your eye area with fingers to enhance blood circulation.

5 Useful Tips For Natural Eyelashes:

Look at some quick tips to take care of your eyelashes.

  • Handle the eyelashes with care
  • Never sleep with eye makeup
  • Apply branded eye makeup products
  • Careful with eyelashes tools
  • Eat Healthily

Hopefully, this comprehensive guide for growing Natural Eyelashes proves helpful for you. Keep your worries aside and be a gorgeous lady with longer & thicker eyelashes.

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