FRONT OF THE PACK: Best Dog Supplement For Your Canine -

FRONT OF THE PACK: Best Dog Supplement For Your Canine

Chris Wilkinson and Neil Hutchinson established Front of the Pack company with the sole objective of leading the revolution in pet health. The company specializes in dog supplements led by love and backed by science. Accordingly, Front of the Pack produces and distributes vet-recommended dog supplements with clinically proven ingredients geared to improving physical health (canines) and the dog’s mental health.

Every dog owner’s dream is to see their dog have a long life, excellent health, and general happiness. Hence, dog owners try to feed them with the best food possible. Food can only go so far as to ensure that, but supplements greatly help meet all health requirements and clearing possible health deficiencies. Consequently, the brightest minds immunology, animal nutrition, veterinary science, and biochemistry, all identified as the best in their fields, carefully develop dog supplements. These experts work together under the company’s Science Advisory Board. Not surprisingly, each of them identifies as dog people.

This picture shows a happy dog. It is an effect of the dog supplement.

Front of the Pack company ensures all products undergo scrutiny for your dog’s safe consumption. Additionally, the company tests the raw ingredients and the finished supplement products eight times. Even better, Front of the Pack shares the results of testing with the public on their official website, where you fill in your product’s Batch Code then view the results on quality, strength, safety, and composition.

About Front of The Pack Dog Supplements

The top to tail, all-natural powder dog supplement is administered to the dogs once a day alongside their meals or sprinkled onto their favorite snacks; as the company says, “Tasty for Them, Simple for You.” Thus, the pure powder formula comes in three ranges that address different dog health issues. Front of the Pack offers:

Move Formula:

The powder restores the dog’s cartilage, soothes the muscles, and ensures healthy joint functionality throughout the dog’s life. Thus, this targets the dog’s joint health and mobility. The Move formula is suitable for dogs one year and above and has five clinically proven ingredients. Every tub, supplied for two months, is equivalent to 60 scoops. The supplement comes in three quantities: 1 tub $35.99, 2 tubs $33.99 each, and three tubs $31.99 each. Overall, the supplement promotes healthy growth of the cartilage, repairs and regenerate aging hips and joints, and relieves stiffness and discomfort.

This picture shows Front of The Pack Dog supplement product.

The One:

This blend of ingredients is the best because of its 8 in one benefits. The supplement works to prevent health issues in the following areas: Joints and Mobility, Stress Relief, Gut, Skin and Coat, Dental, Brain, Immunity, and Heart. The One has 12 active and clinically proven ingredients, suitable for all dogs aged one year and beyond and up to two months’ supply with every tub. 1 tub is $34.37, 2 tubs $32.39 each, and three tubs $30.33.


Harmony is targeted at calming canines and anxiety. The formula is a non-drowsy calming supplement. Hence, it creates a stress-free, calm, and relaxing ambiance for your dog. The supplement is a product of nootropics, a mix of adaptogens, and a blend of three clinically proven ingredients (L-TheanineSuntheanine®, AshwagandhaSensoril®, Magnolia & Phellodendron Bark ExtractRelora®) that work under 90 minutes. The Harmony formula comes with individual stick packs; each pack is one-time usable; there are 30 sticks per box. This supplement is also suitable for dogs one year and above. It comes in three different quantities: 1 tub $36.44, 2 tubs $34.42 each, and three tubs $33.39 each. Furthermore, the drug moderates stress, alleviates anxiety and promotes an alert state of calm.

Front of the Pack Ingredients

Front of the Pack supplements contains the most powerful, pure, natural, and clinically-proven ingredients compared to all other dog supplements brand.

  • Proven: Ingredients are all non-generic and research-proven to function as they claim.
  • Pure: Front of the Pack only partners with the leading suppliers in the supplement industry, which can guarantee the utmost purity of the ingredients and the products’ traceability. What’s more, the suppliers are GMP-certified.
  • Strength: Front of the Pack’s Scientific Board only chooses ingredients potentially beneficial to the dog’s health.
This picture shows Front of The Pack Dog supplement product.

Front of the Pack ingredients have the following advantages over the other dog supplements:

  • No binders, fillers, or additives
  • Clinically-proven
  • Standardized extracts
  • 100% traceability
  • Intense third-party testing

After a vast study and research, the company’s experts put together the following collection of ingredients for the best dog supplement:


Glucosamine is an amino sugar that naturally exists in connective tissues and tendons. It is a vital building block in the cartilage, joint tendons, and ligaments. Front of the Pack chose this ingredient because of its wide studies in humans and animals alongside other 15000 research publications. Oral glucosamine consumption helps in the repair of cartilage joints in dogs. The company specifically sources this ingredient from Spain and B-Glu is particularly the purest form of Glucosamine. Front of the Pack advises dog owners to use this supplement in conjunction with CS b-Bioactive® for more power.

ChondroitinCS b-Bioactive®

The ingredient is responsible for balancing the dog’s inflammatory system. Chondroitin naturally occurs in the dog’s cartilage. It gives your dog’s cartilage the soft and spongy texture to protect its joints. Chondroitin, not only repairs your dog’s cartilage but also blocks the enzymes responsible for its degradation in the first place. Moreover, the First of the Pack’s Chondroitin is the most vastly researched bosting of over 40 clinical studies.


Curcumin is an antioxidant found in Turmeric responsible for the strengthening of joints and flexibility. The ingredient prevents cellular damage and blocks inflammation enzymes in the dog’s body. Curcumin’s health benefits are evident in traditional medicine over the years and are actively backed by modern medicine. Curcumin Meriva® is the only ingredient proven to work for dos and has a 29 times greater absorption than generic varieties.

This picture shows a happy dog. It is an effect of the dog supplement.


This ingredient is mostly found in vegetables and fruits. It soothes the skin and supports the joints. In particular, MSM OptiMSM® is vital for reducing pain, inflammation, prevention of allergic reactions, maintenance of the dog’s immunity, and improved hair growth. The drug has initially been widely studied on humans. The company’s MSM is FDA-approved.


The ingredient is a natural fiber responsible for a healthy microbiome. In particular, the fiber helps cultivate good bacteria in the gut, promoting intestinal health. Prebiotic Sunfiber® does not cause common fiber side effects such as bloating and discomforts.

KrillQRILL™ Pet

Krill,a natural Antarctic krill extract, optimizes immune cells responsible for fighting diseases. The ingredient is rich in Omega-3 for improved heart function, healthy skin and coat, and reduced inflammation. Krill has the highest Omega-3 content compared to other sources and also contains antioxidants.


This is a natural adaptogen that helps the body deal with stress by regulating cortisol circulation. Thus, this ingredient alleviates stress symptoms.


Found in green tea, it triggers the release of happy hormones. Hence, it guarantees happiness to your pet.

Green Tea ExtractSunphenon 90d®

It fights bacteria in the body and promotes oral health.


Taurine promotes the dog’s heart health.

L-Carnitine Carniking®

It encourages healthy muscle growth.

PostbioticADM Biopolis BPL1™

Improves gut health.

Collagen Peptide

For strength and elasticity of the skin, bones, tendons, and cartilage.

Magnolia & Phellodendron Bark ExtractRelora®

It reduces the cortisol hormone levels.

Reasons why you should use Front of the Pack

The supplement has the following pros:

  • Relieves stress
  • Better gut health
  • Relieves joint pain and increase mobility
  • Healthy skin and coat
  • Improved immunity
  • Strengthens dog’s cognitive health
  • Exceptional oral health

The Takeaway:

While there are many other dog supplements that promise the same results, nothing compares to a brand that has gained reputation in producing reliable products. Front of the Pack Dog supplement provides your pet with the necessary nutrients, thereby ensuring overall health.

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