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GrownScience Nano Hemp Patch | Extra Strong Hydrogel – CBD Patch For Pain

Cannabidiol or CBD is legal in many states of the world. Cannabinoids are natural extracts of the resinous cannabis plant. People all across the world use CBD Oil, MCT Oil, Hemp Oil, and GrownScience Nano Hemp Patch for several purposes.

CBD patches are for those people who don’t want to ingest CBD directly. With the litigation of CBD, all the beauty brands are incorporating cannabinoids into their products. However, the CBD patch is for those who suffer from pain and want to try Cannabis extract to quell the pain.

Nano Hemp Patch is more efficient than hydrogel and other bioavailable creams. The patch is reuseable and delivers many other health benefits of CBD. However, you might be looking for whether these patches are efficient CBD oil and other CBD products.

Read on to know the effectiveness of Hemp patches.

Does GrownScience Nano Hemp Patch Work?

Hemp patch or CBD-Patch is as effective as CBD drops. According to the search, orally intake CBD is metabolized by the body. However, the CBD that goes through the skin directly rushes into the bloodstream. The CBD in the bloodstream ensures that it reaches the pain site quickly.

Also, there are several patches designed to stay on the skin for a longer time. You can apply these patches to your targeted area for pain extinction. Furthermore, it will save your time to apply lotions and oil to the skin. However, there is a downside for those people who are allergic to certain chemicals.

Additionally, a hemp patch is effective for treating a specific part of the body. Suppose if there is shoulder pain or lower back pain, you can apply a patch to this targeted area.

Also, topical CBD can mitigate the symptoms of back pain injury and reduce inflammation. A topical CBD improves muscle relaxation and chronic pain disorder. If you are enduring unpleasant back pain, you can use a CBD patch for pain relief. Remember that research is ongoing to proves the effectiveness of these patches. The Hemp patch may be as effective as topical CBD. Moreover, people look for pure CBD products as they want to avoid THC. You can also find an isolate CBD-patch for pain relief.

How To Choose The Best Nano-Hemp Patch?

Sometimes it becomes overwhelming for a person to choose the best product for pain relief. There are several products of Cannabinoid available in the market. You can choose a product by following criteria.

  • The patch is available for third-party testing
  • Also, made from US grown
  • Contain only 0.2% of THC
  • And, free from pesticide and molds

Moreover, you can check the potency of products and ingredients. Before buying the GrownScience Nano Hemp Patch, you can check the review of customer’s and company’s health claims.

Hows The Broad Spectrum Hemp Patch Made?

Nano-Hemp patches have a broad spectrum and can be used for relieving pain, alleviating anxiety symptoms, and mitigating endometriosis pain. The formula of the Hemp patch contains hydrogel with nanotechnology. The Nano Hemp/CBD makes it more effective as it is bioavailable. Nano-Hemp gets absorbed in the Bloodstream efficiently as compared to ingested CBD products.

Furthermore, the hydrogel technology in the formula of the Nano-Hemp patch makes skin smooth for better attachment of a patch. Also, it prevents irritation and wounds. Moreover, you can reapply the patch several times. The adhesive technology makes it versatile to reattain the adhesion again.

What about the potency of Nano-patches? No need to worry about it as it has been tested in the laboratory. FDA has registered the company that manufactures these patches. Also, it is THC-free, it will not make you feel high. Furthermore, all the ingredients are natural and GMO-Free. Some primary ingredients are:

  • Distilled water
  • Canola oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Soyabean oil
  • Guar gum
  • Carrageenan

What Are The Benefits of GrownScience Nano Hemp Patches?

All the CBD products, whether they are drops or patches contain 100% bioavailability. Nano-Hemp patches absorb the skin layers accurately bypassing the bloodstream. Also, these patches can deliver CBD steadily for a longer period. You can use an adhesive patch for 12 – 96 hours for uniform delivery of Cannabinoid. Also, many physicians recommend Hemp-Patch for pain relief as it will not disturbs the other medication in the liver.

Other benefits of Hemp-Patch are:

Long-term relief – as you can apply the patch for several days to achieve satisfactory results.

Discreet – you can apply the patch under clothes.

Convenient – as there is no mess of oil and massage. Apply the patch and alleviate the pain.

Targeting – as it targets a specific area that needs treatment. You can achieve immediate pain relief by applying the patch.

Bypasses Digestive System – the CBD directly absorbs in the skin and never counteracts with the digestive system and liver.

Hypoallergic – addictive free and never cause allergy.

Lidocaine & Methanol – the cool and hot temperature contribute to the painkilling power of the patch.

Medical Grade Adhesive – it is waterproof and best for athletes.

How To Use Hemp Patches For Pain Relief?

You can apply a patch as a bandage for pain relief. The people who use a nicotine patch for quitting smoking might be familiar with the use of a patch. First of all, attest to the sensitive areas of skin before applying the patch.

The patch could not cause any sensitivity and irritation to the skin. However, if there is an open wound or sore, you can avoid these areas. For better results, make sure to apply the patch over a flat area. Also, the folks can shave the skin if needed for making it smooth. Adhesive patches are best to use on joints and soft tissue for relieving pain.

Some quick tips:

  • Wash & dry the skin before applying the patch.
  • Leave patch for 3 – 4 days.
  • Adhesive patches are water-resistant. You can take shower, but don’t soak the patch into the bathtub.
  • Don’t apply on wounds & sores.
  • If the patch cause irritation, remove it.

However, if the patch is non-adhesive, it may contain a heating pad. Apply the patch over the targeted area and then use a heating pad for magic. You can discard the patch after recommended hours. If you are using the patch for the first time, make sure to check the dose and body response.

The Takeaway:

Nano Hemp Patch is good for relieving pain and has no side effects. You can use them in any targeted painful area to get rid of unpleasant pain. These patches are available at all healthcare stores and online stores. Also, it is available in different potencies.

Before using a patch, make sure you are not breastfeeding or pregnant. Rember to consult with your health care provider before using a Hemp patch.

When will you use the Nano-Hemp Patch for alleviating pain?

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