Top 5 Common Misconceptions About Weight Loss: Tips to Lose Weight

Top 5 Common Misconceptions About Weight Loss

Are you trying to lose weight?

Have you spent months on training but get little or no results?

Are you on a strict diet but see no difference?

Well, you might be doing it wrong!

I understand the frustration you might be having right now. There are many products and services on the internet claiming to provide best results in a short period of time. You buy these products in hopes of getting into a nice shape in no time. Well, you don’t become a millionaire in one day. In the same way, there is no overnight success in weight loss! 

Before you click the buy button for the advertised food supplement you saw online, think first!

Why do you actually want to lose weight?

There is more to losing weight than just being able to fit in your favorite dress. According to the data released by Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there is a steep increase in the percentage of obesity rate in U.S since 2008. Approximately 42.4% of adults in the US are obese. Obesity is a common factor that leads to other serious health issues such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, mental illness and others. This is all the more reason why you should make efforts to lose weight. Yet, doing a little bit of research before starting your weight loss training won’t hurt. Remember, knowledge is itself power!

Whether you are trying to achieve that perfect figure, following your doctor’s advice, or just simply want a change in lifestyle, there are some factors that you might want to consider to achieve your goal. After all, you don’t want to spend months of hard work on training only to find out that your efforts are in vain.

Below is a list of Top 5 Common Misconceptions About Weight Loss.

1. Taking supplements is effective for weight loss.

You probably bought one of the many weight loss supplements advertised online. Some people even testify the effectiveness of such products. If they’re not paid actors, they’re probably just experiencing a placebo effect. After the promise effects of these weight loss products, purchasers are led into thinking that they are indeed working. In reality, it’s just them being more watchful with what they eat. Unfortunately, this is just one misconception about weight loss. When these supplements are tested, there is no scientific proof that can testify their effectiveness. These supplements may only aid one to shed some weight. Additionally, some weight loss supplements can bring negative side effects and may lead to more serious health problems.

2. You lose weight as long as you do exercise.

Feast now, exercise later! If you are doing this, stop it immediately. There is no excuse to overeating. Exercise doesn’t guarantee you weight loss if you don’t pair it with a healthy balanced diet. You burn calories by doing aerobics and other forms of exercise, but you gain double by not watching what you eat. It will only turn out that you will have a harder time to lose weight. Having a healthy balanced diet is just as important as doing exercise.

3. Skipping meals means losing weight.

This is one of biggest myths in weight loss. To lose weight effectively, one must burn more calories and lessen calorie intake. If you keep skipping meals, you have a high tendency of missing out on some important nutrients that your body needs. This may lead to some health issues. Additionally, it may cause you to become frustrated and irritable. You don’t need to starve yourself to lose weight. Skipping meals will only lead you to snack on some food that might smash your diet. Just watch what you eat! Avoid food that are high in calories and switch to healthier meals.

4. Don’t eat meat to lose weight.

This is yet another misconception about weight loss. Interestingly though, meat is one of the best food to eat to lose weight. While we try to avoid food high in calories, we don’t want to miss on some important nutrients that we can get from meat. Additionally, not all calories are the same. Meat is rich in protein calorie which can boost your metabolism and optimize weight-regulating hormones. However, you have to consider the kind of meat to consume. Fresh meat from animals that are naturally grown and fed with healthy plants provide more nutrients than other kinds of meat. Avoid processed meat as it leads to different health problems.

5. Snacking is cheating.

Don’t be guilty when you have to snack in between meals. After all, we need it for energy especially when we have active lifestyle. However, as with any food, you have watch out on the snack you consume. Cut out on some food high in sugar, salt and fat such as chocolates and chips. Switch to healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables.

To sum it all, the success of your weight loss relies entirely on your commitment towards a healthier version of yourself. Pairing regular exercise with a healthy balanced diet is the best way to lose weight.

You can do it! I believe in you! Aja!

Angelica Montero

Angelica Montero is a content writer at Six3 Magazine who likes to share her ideas on topics related to health, fitness, beauty and sex. A teacher by day and a writer by night, she has a way with words and likes to write articles, poems and learning materials.

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