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12 Kinds of Diet to Shun in Your Weight Loss Journey

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The weight loss journey is a highly sensitive one. Plus, it’s not for unintentional people. You have to be intentional about the process. Healthy dieting is one of the recognized ways in which weight loss can be achieved. However, many do not know the exact kinds of food to consume or stay away from.

Here, I have put up 12 kinds of food to avoid if you are trying to lose weight.


beer has high calorie content

Excessive consumption of alcohol may not be advised if you are trying to lose weight. In as much as you may want to have drinks with friends on some occasions especially weekends, just a little will be fine.

In the actual sense, consuming alcohol excessively may make you feel hungry and want to eat more. Beverages that contain alcohol are dense in calories and high in sugars. You may want to stay away from such beverages especially beer pending the time your weight loss journey is over.

Ice cream and Sweetened Yoghurt

ice cream containing lots of sugar and calories

The protein and fiber content in ice cream is very little but it has high amounts of sugar and calories that are bad for your weight loss journey. Furthermore, there is a high probability of consuming a bowl of ice cream just at once. 

If you want to have a feel of ice cream during this journey, frozen fruits may come to the rescue. Though yogurt, especially Greek yogurt, is considered healthy, high amounts of sugars and sweeteners are been added to it nowadays making it more harmful than healthy. Weight loss enthusiasts should take note of this.

Processed Meat

processed meat has high amounts of sodium and carcinogenic compounds

Meat that has been dried, smoked, or canned is referred to as processed meat. They are so popular and sold in markets globally. However, they are offenders in the weight loss process since they contain high calorie and salt content.

Examples of these kinds of meat are ham, sausage, bacon, hot dogs, and salami. In addition to this, processed meat can cause cancer. During their processing, carcinogenic chemicals are produced.

Also, processed meat has been found to increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes. Consequently, the overall consumption of processed meat should be reduced by all, whether trying to lose weight or not.

White Bread

white bread is bad for weight loss

White bread is highly refined and lots of sugar are added in the refining process. It also has a high-calorie content. Avoid white bread especially if you are looking at reducing your belly fat. Doing so would keep your waistline intact. White bread may also cause diabetes. Instead, eat cornbread, almond flour bread, and Ezekiel bread.

White Rice

white rice causes weight gain

White rice contains small amounts of fat, fiber, and protein. It is therefore not filling. You can keep eating and not get full, this makes it an unhealthy dietary option as it increases obesity. Brown rice is a healthy alternative to white rice.

Sugary Drinks and Beverages

soda contains high levels of sugar

Sodas, sports drinks, fruit juice, bottled smoothies, and other sugary beverages have very high calorie and sugar levels. Fruit juice gotten from the supermarket and malls is highly processed.

Bottled smoothies are not left out here as they contain high sugar content. These kinds of drinks are detrimental to your weight loss journey. You should therefore stay away!

Freshly prepared home-made fruit juice is a better alternative. Also, whole fruits are very healthy and nutritious. They come in highly recommended because of their high fiber levels. Replace bottled smoothies with homemade ones, which are highly nutritious and simply delicious!

French Fries

french-fries causes weight gain

Fried food especially french-fries is detrimental to your weight loss journey and should be avoided. Not only do they contain a high amount of calories (about 510 calories in a serving), they are made through deep frying which is dangerous, and produce cancer-containing chemical compounds.

Baked Foods

cakes are high in sugars and calories

Cookies, pastries, cakes are kinds of baked foods you should avoid to lose weight. They are rich in added sugars mainly fructose and trans-fat which have great chances of causing weight gain and obesity.

Restaurant and Fast Foods

pizza is bad for weight loss

Pizzas, hamburgers, doughnuts, bagels, hot dogs, and muffins are culprits here. They have high calorie, sodium, added sugar, refined flour, refined carbohydrates, trans-fat, and saturated fat content which promote weight gain and obesity.

Consuming foods rich in trans-fat, saturated fat and sodium has also been linked to increased risk of cardiovascular diseases like hypertension. However, if you must take these foods, you can try out the homemade versions which have fewer sugars, calories and are generally healthier.

Some Kinds of Coffee Drinks

coffee laced with lots of cream and sugars are detrimental in the weight loss journey

Sugar and creamed-filled coffee should be avoided if you are out to lose weight, especially belly fat. Although caffeine which is the principal constituent of coffee can help burn fat, lacing coffee drinks with lots of sugar, cream and milk are bad for weight loss as a drink can have up to 600 calories.

Black plain coffee is an alternative healthy option for coffee lovers trying to lose weight. You can add just a bit of milk if need be.

Potato Chips

potato chips have high amounts of calories and are bad for weight loss

The high-calorie content of potato chips is alarming. Potato chips are fattening and have high sodium content just as is in processed meat. I doubt that you should have anything to do with it while trying to lose weight.

Granola, Candy and Milk Chocolate Bars

milk chocolate bars cause weight gain

They contain high amounts of added sugars and refined oils which are detrimental to health. Also, they are extremely high in calories. Although granola bars are rich in protein and fiber, their high calorie and sugar content makes them unhealthy.

If you want to eat chocolate, get dark chocolate instead as they are healthier. Though supermarkets, malls, and stores have these sugar and calorie-filled bars in large quantities, various brands, and attractive packages, someone intending to lose weight will have to ignore and keep shopping! If you do this, your waistline will be happy with you.

Above are various kinds of foods and drinks which are high in calories, added sugar, refined sugar, refined flour and refined carbohydrates, saturated and trans-fat, and sodium. Many of the food listed here are junk food which reduces the rate of metabolism in the body, increases belly fat, promotes weight gain, and causes obesity.

They should be avoided in your weight loss journey.

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