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10 Hair Care Tips Right at the Tip of Your Fingers

Lovelies, get in here! Our hair deserves the best. It deserves care, attention, and, most of all, pampering. Don’t walk on the streets with un-kept, scanty or choppy hair. It isn’t pleasing to the eyes. Dirty and smelling hair is a total turn-off! Healthy, silky, and shiny hair require knowledge of the right hair care tip(s).

1. Know your Hair Type

woman with a straight and silky hair type

The first and most crucial hair care tip is to know your hair type. It precedes the others. We all have different hair types and textures. Knowing your hair type will help you understand the products to use and styling techniques to select. Hair can be dry or oily, thick or thin, full or scanty, stretchy or inelastic. 

For me, my hair is thick, full, and rubber-like. This hair type can tolerate many products in the market without necessarily chopping off. Also, the thick texture makes it handle the heat to a moderate extent. However, some have thin, sensitive, and very light hair. This set of people should be extremely wary of their hair products and hairstyling techniques.

Now is a good point to ask this question. What is your hair type? Is it dry or oily? Thick or thin? Full or scanty?

2. Wash Hair Regularly With a Good Shampoo

regular shampooing is a hair care tip you should follow

Many have damaged their hair, all in the name of washing it. Stay away from coarse and harsh shampoos. Check the ingredients of each shampoo before using them. We should avoid shampoos with harsh ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfates at all costs.

Instead, let’s use shampoos containing natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and essential oils should. Anti-dandruff shampoo, especially those containing selenium, salicylic acids, or tea tree oil, is advised in dandruff cases.

How regular should the washing be? You may ask. Wash your hair at least once a week, especially if you don’t have it locked or braided. People with oily hair may need to wash more often than those with dry hair because oily hair accumulates dust and dirt faster than dry hair.

Lukewarm water, that is, water that is not hot or cold, is the best for a good wash day. Using hot or cold water can damage the hair and cause split ends.

3. Condition Appropriately

After shampooing, the next hair care tip is to condition using an instant conditioner. It softens the hair and gives it shine. Comb through the hair mildly before rinsing out. Hair is prone to breakage when wet. Therefore, take great care in handling damp hair.

4. Dry Up

When drying, don’t rub wet hair aggressively with a towel, do it gently. Take caution when you use blow dryers. Start with low heat before increasing to higher levels. Those with thin and very light hair can stay with low heat all through. Increasing the heat may cause further hair damage.

When possible, you should air-dry your hair. Regularly using heat on the hair or using dyers at high levels may cause split ends, weaken the hair and improve hair breakage chances.

5. Use Moisturizers, Conditioners, and Other Hair Care Products

Using Hair care products are great hair care tipsr

After drying, the next hair care tip is applying hair products like moisturizers and conditioners, etc., depending on your taste and preference.  You don’t need to dry your hair completely before using these products. I think it’s a great idea to leave a bit of water on your hair before using hair care products.

Be careful! Don’t dry out your hair and leave it vulnerable trying out different hair products. Understand your hair, know its needs. Anytime you notice a particular hair product harmed your hair, stop its use immediately!

People with dry hair type may need to oil and moisturize more frequently than those with oily hair, whose sebaceous glands are very active.

It would be best if you didn’t use leave-in conditioners, moisturizers, hair lotions, cream, and gels in excess. Massage into hair and scalp moderately. Essential oils like coconut oil, rosemary oil, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil are great for the hair. Products containing Aloe Vera are super-duper for the hair as well!

I use Aloe Vera gel in its pure form on my hair, and I must say that the feel is excellent. My hair is getting silkier and healthier. Try this hair care tip out!

6. Style Elegantly

Now, the use of hairstyling kits comes in. Curlers, benders, rollers, pins, clips, comb, brushes, bonds, and bands come into play here. While using pins and clips, avoid those with sharp pointed tips as they may pierce the scalp.

Don’t make the styling too tight. Tight styles weaken the hair and make it prone to breakage. You may choose cornrows, braids, or you may want to curl or your hair pack up. The choice is yours. Just look pretty and have it styled all the time elegantly!

7. Drink Lots of Water

Water is a friend to all, including the hair. Drinking water to a great extent is a hair care tip you should not forget. Drinking about 2-3 liters (9-13 cups) of water daily moisturizes the hair, increases hair growth, and reduces breakage. Drink water; your hair will forever thank you!

8. Eat Fruits and Vegetables

carrot is high in vitamin A which is good for the hair

Daily consumption of fruits and vegetables makes for healthy, shiny, and silky hair. Fruits and vegetables contain essential vitamins and elements like zinc needed for profitable hair growth and healthy hair. Walnuts, pecans, and cashews have high amounts of zinc, and we should consume them regularly. Eat fruits and vegetables like pumpkins, spinach, and carrots which are rich in vitamin A.

9. Massage Your Scalp Daily

Here is an essential hair care tip you should try out. Massaging your scalp frequently increases blood flow and circulation. Thereby it prevents hair loss and promoting hair growth.

10. Trim Split Ends

Split ends occur when your hair tips become brittle and dry. It will help if you trimmed split ends every 12-14 weeks. There would be less breakage, and your hair growth would be apt.

The hair is the richest ornament of women.

Martin luther

Take time and resources to invest in it. It’s worth your while.

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