Rice Water for Hair – Should You Be Using It to Get Healthy Hair?

Rice Water for Hair – Should You Be Using It to Get Healthy Hair?


Hey Ladies! Stop wasting the rice water. Before cooking rice, you wash rice grains. The cloudy starch water behind is full of nutrients; you can use rice water for hair growth. Some people discard this nutrient-rich water.

Dating back to the Heian period, court ladies use rice water to get floor-length hair. Rice water can nourish your hair naturally. Some experts believe that rice water is essential for hair growth, while others consider it beneficial for the scalp.

Should you save rice water after your meal preparation? Or are you especially cook rice for this beauty treatment? Many dermatologists and experts recommend the use of rice water for beauty purposes and hair growth.

Rice Water Fun Facts:

Types of Ingredients: Strengthener, scalp nourisher, anti-oxidant.

Main Benefits: Improve scalp health, nourishes the hair cuticle, and boosts shine.

Who Should Use It: In general, rice water is safe & effective for all hair types. Both men and women can use it as it contains natural ingredients. Preferably, those with dry scalp use it for scalp nourishment.

How Often Can You Use It: You can use it twice a week.

Works Well With: Deep conditions the dry scalp.

Don’t Use With: No such ingredient found that can interfere with rice water.

The Benefits of Rice Water for Hair:


Rice is the most delicious and nutritional diet of Japanese people. When rice grains are washed, the rice water becomes full of vitamins, amino acids, starch, and various trace minerals. Apart from minerals and vitamins, it contains antioxidants.

However, the experts have different opinions about where to use the rice water. The rice water is beneficial for both hair and scalp. Some experts recommend using rice water for a healthy and breathe scalp environment. Only a healthy scalp nourishes the hair make them strong, long, and shiny. The improved condition of the hair cuticle and hair follicles leads to gorgeous hair.

Strengthens Hair: The starch-rich rice water strengthens the hair. The starch coats the hair shafts to boosts hair growth. Dermatologists agreed that starch coating thickens the hair as protein.

Improve Scalp Health: Some experts encourage the use of starch for a healthy scalp environment. Also, If you treat your scalp with rice water, you incorporate vitamins, amino acids, and other essential minerals.

Healthy hair grows from a healthy scalp!

Calms Irritations: Rice water is perfect for those who suffer from dermatitis. The scalp irritation results in damaged hair follicles and cells. If you blend emollients and rice water into the scalp, it adds additional nourishment. So, if you have inflamed skin rinse it water rice water.

Boosts Shine: Another significant benefit of rice water is that it give shine. It can minimize split ends and improves hair appearance.

Increase Manageability: The rice water enhances the elasticity and manageability of rough and dry hair. Besides this, You can get softer and easily detangle hair with water.

Hair Types Considerations:


Overall, rice-water is suitable for all hair types, including color-treated hair. The mild water can penetrate all types of scalp and perfect for all hair textures. Any curly hair person can get double benefits from water as it improves elasticity and hair growth. The curlier hair types tend to dryness and dullness that can be treated through rice water for hair. Also, the amino acids in the water make hair soft and shiny.

However, some experts limit its use for dry scalp as it can increase dryness. You can limit the use of rice water if you have a dry scalp. In general, you can use it to improve hair growth and appearance.

How To Use Rice Water for Hair:

The origin of rice water is from Japan; the Japanese use this water to rinse hair. Now people around the globe use it as a hair care product. Rice water is too mild that it doesn’t cause any adverse reactions. You can monitor the hair growth after applying water. Although it is not an overnight treatment, you can see the magic after some time. The observable results appear after consistent use. You can use it once or twice a week for a better scalp. Furthermore, you can consult a dermatologist before using rice water.

Here are some simple ways to improve the scalp condition with rice water.

Use It as Rinse: Preferably, you can use it as a post-shampoo rinse. After washing your hair, you can rub the hair with water. Leave it for 15 minutes, and then rinse it with water. Rice-water acts as a primer to pamper the hair.

Create Your Bespoke Shampoo or Conditioner: Those women who want to avoid direct application of rice water can mix it with shampoo. However, most people who have dry scalp use it with shampoo and conditioner. Mix the natural water with your favorite shampoo or conditioner to lubricate your hair.

Apply as Nourishing Treatment: Some experts recommend using rice water before shampoo. Maximum absorption of nutrients through water increases hair growth. Whether you apply it pre-shampoo or post-shampoo, make sure to set it for 15 – 20 minutes. Another way to apply rice water is that you can pour it into a bottle to spray. After applying, you can massage it for better penetration.

Making Your Own Rice Water for Hair:

You can easily make your rice water by thoroughly rinsing the rice grain with water. Now add these grains into a bowl with some water, stir it until the water become cloudy. Also, you can boil the rice to obtain water. Pour this water into a bowl and cover it with a lid. Allow this water to sit at room temperature for 12 – 24 hours. The water will absorb all the nutrients from the rice grains. Store this water in the refrigerator for next time use.

Get smooth & fine hair with rice water!

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