Dark Circles Under Eyes: How To Get Rid of them?

Dark Circles Under Eyes: How To Get Rid of them?


Do you think dark circles under eyes are a health issue? Not really, but people having dark circles look tired and unhealthy. You might have seen men and women with heavy dark circles. People with dark-circles look older. Sometimes dark circles become worse, they can be difficult to get rid of. Numerous factors contribute to dark circles under your eyes.

The more common addictive of dark circles are:

  • Elderly people
  • Those who have a genetic predisposition to this condition
  • Non-white ethnic group people

Fatigue is the most logical explanation of dark-circles. Several other factors include an unhealthy diet and restless sleep. Sometimes, they are no cause for concern and don’t require proper medication.

What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes?

The most common contributor to dark circles are:



One of the most primary causes of dark-circles is fatigue. If you stay away for a few hours from bedtime, it results in the dark under eyes. Sleep deprivation is another common factor that results in dull and pale skin. The pale skin allows your dark vessels and tissue to show.

Poor sleep accumulates fluid under the eyes that look puffy. After that puffy under eyes, you will see dark-circles and shadows of vessels.


If you are an aged person, then dark-circles under your eyes are natural. With age, your skin becomes thinner. In addition to this, your skin loses collagen and essential fats that maintain your skin’s elasticity. At this stage, the area beneath your eyes becomes dark, and the vessels become more visible.

Eye Strains:


Nowadays, we spend more time on TV screens, laptops, and mobiles that causes eye strain. The eyestrains result in enlarged under eyes and darker eye surroundings.


During Allergic reactions, your body releases histamine to destroy harmful bacteria. The histamine production and dry eyes lead to dark-circles. Histamine can cause:

  • Itchiness
  • Red eyes
  • Puffy under eyes
  • Dilate blood vessels

These dilated blood vessels result in tiredness and dark under the eyes. Also, allergic reactions irritate and rub your eyes. Allergic reactions result in swelling, inflammation, and broken blood vessels. It is one of the most common causes of dark shadow under the eyes.



What if your body is not getting proper nutrition? Your body becomes tired and unhealthy which leads to several other issues including dark-circles. Dehydrated eyes look dull and sunken. It is due to the reason that these become close to underlying bones.

Sun Overexposure:

Another common reason behind dark-circles is overexposure to the sun. excessive sunlight produces melanin – responsible for skin color. The overproduction of melanin causes pigmentation under the eyes as the eyes are more sensitive than other body parts.


Another cause of developing dark-circles is family history/ genetics. You might have inherited it from your ancestors. Also, a well-known medical issue for developing dark shadows is thyroid disease.

Treatment For Dark Circles Under Eyes:


Everyone wants to get rid of dark shadows as it affects the appearance of a person. Do you want to get rid of them too? Yes, you can permanently remove the ugly black under your eyes. Here are some treatment for dark eyelids:

At-Home Treatments

Dark-Circles can be treated well without using any medication. Here are some home remedies to reduce the dark under eyes are:

  • Apply a Cold Compress:

You can reduce the dark-circles and shrink the blood vessels by using a cold compress. This is beneficial to alleviate the puffins and dark shadows. Wrap a few ice cubes in a soft piece of cloth and rub it under the eyes. Also, you can dip a washcloth in cold water to apply. Place the cloth under the eyes for 20-minutes. Keep on repeating the process until the ice melts.

  • Get Extra Sleep:

A night of deep sleep can alleviate the dark-circles. If you are not getting enough sleep your skin becomes dull, and it affects the overall health. Sleep deprivation is the more obvious cause of dark shadows. You can prevent dark circles by taking eight hours of sleep.

  • Elevate Your Head:

How you sleep at night? Yup, I’m talking about your sleeping styles. You should keep your head elevated while sleeping, for this use a pillow. In this way, you should not get dark circles. The pillow doesn’t allow the fluid to accumulate under the eyes.

  • Soak With Tea Bags:

Most probably you drink tea, don’t waste the tea bags. Apply tea bags under your eyes to reduce dark circles. The tea contains caffeine and antioxidants that enhance blood circulation. It also shrinks the blood vessels and reduces the retention of fluid.

First, soak the black or green tea bags in hot water, then cool them in the refrigerator. Now apply the cold bags under the eyes for 10 – 20 minutes, & rinse them with cool water.

Medical Treatments For Dark Circles Under Eyes:

To get an effective and permanent solution, you can use medication. Few medicines are available to treat dark circles. Some primary methods are:

  • Chemical peels
  • Laser surgery – for tightening the skin.
  • Medical tattoos – to inject skin pigments.
  • Tissue filler – that conceals blood vessels.
  • Fat removal – for a more even skin surface.
  • Surgical implants of fats.

But before using any medical treatment, make sure to consult your doctor. The medical treatment is painful, expensive, and requires a longer time for recovery.


Dark Circles Under Eyes are temporary for some people and it indicates aging. These may be due to sleep deprivation and excessive use of digital screens. Whatever the reason is, you can reduce the dark circles by home treatment as well as medical treatment. However, if the condition becomes worse, make sure to visit a dermatologist. A dermatologist recommends the best treatment overall.

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