Charcoal For Hair – What Are The Benefits Of Using Charcoal

Charcoal For Hair – What Are The Benefits Of Using Charcoal


Ladies! Are you worried about hair growth? Or are you looking for a natural product that nourishes your hair?  You might have seen people using charcoal scrubs and cleansers for skincare. What if you use Charcoal For Hair? Charcoal is an extract of carbon-containing material used for several purposes.

Charcoal is a fine, odorless, and tasteless powder that has negative pores to attract toxins. That’s why doctors use charcoal for pumping the stomach if someone has eaten poison.

Charcoal is popular as skincare products, but now it has gained popularity as a hair product. On the scalp, we have more pores as compared to other body parts. Also, the scalp has a more intense sebaceous gland system than other areas. So, our scalp is more prone to dust, dirt, smoke particles, and other chemicals in the environment. That’s why our scalp needs deep cleansing. According to dermatologists and experts, charcoal acts as a deep cleanser for the scalp.

Charcoal shampoos and other products are heroes in the beauty industry. Activated charcoal acts as a host for impurities and attracts dirt & pollutants. The charcoal shampoo has been used for a long array of hair textures. If your hairs are feeling lifeless and lackluster, you can add charcoal to your hair care routine.

Benefits of Charcoal For Hair:

You can reap multiple benefits from charcoal powder. Read the following advantages to know more about charcoal.

Deep Cleansing:


The detoxifying properties of charcoal make it perfect for deep cleansing. You can use charcoal shampoo for oily and greasy hair. It is also useful for hair-laden products as it can draw oil from the scalp & removes dead skin cells.

Charcoal can absorb excess sebum from the scalp to balance the absorption of oil. Also, it keeps the hair roots and shafts healthy. The charcoal works like a magnet to attract the harmful elements that make the scalp, hair shafts, and root unhealthy.

Anti-Ich & Healing:

Charcoal is beneficial for a painful and unpleasant scalp condition. Dermatologists recommend charcoal shampoo for acne and super oily scalp. It can alleviate pain and proves healthy for the scalp.



You can use charcoal to volumize your hair. Charcoal has potential benefits for flat hair and oily scalp. If you start using charcoal for hair treatment, you will see magic. Your hair will become thicker and healthy.

Soft, Shiny & Grease Free Look:

Everyone desires a squeaky-clean scalp with thicker hair. You can consider charcoal shampoo for a naturally healthy scalp. After using the impurities collector charcoal shampoo, you will see dirt going away. Deep cleansing & exfoliating properties of activated charcoal give build-up scalp.

Charcoal is a Win-Win!

No More Dandruff:


Oh! Irritated dandruff. Almost every person suffers from dandruff in their life. dandruff not only irritates but makes the scalp rough, unhealthy, and dry. Also, it leads to fungal infections. However, activated charcoal can sort out this condition. You can massage charcoal powder on the scalp before applying shampoo.

Better Hair Growth:

Only a healthy scalp leads to healthy hair. Charcoal treats the scalp as skin and makes it perfect for hair growth. Your skin absorbs excess sebum, oils, dirt, and pollutants that hamper hair growth. Charcoal removes the impurities and allows the scalp to breathe. After washing hair with charcoal shampoo, you will leave your pores clean & detoxified.

Who Should and Shouldn’t Use Charcoal For Hair?


Charcoal is the best product for balancing the scalp. Those people who suffer from scalp breakouts, dandruff, and excessive sebum use Charcoal For Hair. Almost all charcoal mixed shampoo is suitable for all scalp textures. Also, it is perfect for color-treated hair as it doesn’t bring variation in the cuticle.

Charcoal-infused shampoo can be used as an alternative to medicated shampoos. Before buying charcoal-infused products, make sure to check the label of products. Also, make sure that the product is safe for color-treated hair or not.

How To Use Charcoal in your Haircare Routine?


Honestly speaking, charcoal-infused products fall in the treatment category. You cannot use these products regularly. Depending upon the scalp texture and condition it can be used after seven days with clarifying shampoo. However, in extreme circumstances, you can use it twice a week or as recommended by a dermatologist.

You can use charcoal-infused shampoos and scrubs. For better results, you can massage charcoal powder before applying shampoo and then rinse it thoroughly. Also, you can make a DIY hair scrub by mixing two tablespoons of charcoal powder in coconut oil. Massage the scrub on the scalp for twenty minutes and then wash the hair thoroughly. For a faster alternative, you can add the charcoal powder to shampoo and mix it well before using it.

How To Choose A Product With Charcoal For Hair?

Several forms of charcoal are available in the market for use. However, expert dermatologists recommend the following types:

  • Activated charcoal
  • Binchotan charcoal

Activated charcoal has a bumpy and spongy appearance that’s why toxins stuck into it before being washed away. If you are using medication for scalp treatment, then you can add activated charcoal to your routine.

Another top pick is Binchotan charcoal as it can draw impurities from the scalp. It is an optimal foundation for a healthy scalp. With the help of charcoal, you can get clean, clear, and unobstructed follicles. The clean follicles repeat the hair cycle promptly.

Stimulate your scalp by using Charcoal For Hair!

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