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Rice Water: Tiktok Trending Way to Hair Growth

My my! You saw a viral Tiktok video, didn’t you? A trending way to a healthier hair – rice water!

Yes! If you’re on Tiktok, you probably saw one of the many viral videos of people revealing the secret to their long and nourished hair. Rice water it is!

If you have been having a problem with hair loss, you would be surprised to know that there is an easy and natural way to solve your problem. What’s more, you don’t need to buy expensive products as this is just something you already have at home. Read more to find out!

What causes hair loss?

While it is normal for us to lose about 50 to 100 strands of hair every day, excessive hair loss could damage our crowning glory. It will leave patches that are not nice to look at. Additionally, it will lower our self-esteem!  So, before looking for a remedy to treat your hair, it is important to know what causes it.

There are many factors that lead to hair loss.

  • One common cause of hair loss is heredity. This is common among men who develop pattern of thin hair at the top of the head. So, if you notice the same pattern from your father or grandfather, expect to have too.
  • Hair loss could be caused by hormonal changes in our body such as pregnancy, childbirth and menopause.
  • Hair loss could also be caused by health conditions like thyroid and alopecia. Currently, there is no known cure for alopecia but certain treatments can be done to slow down hair loss.
  • Hair loss could be a side effect of medications used to treat certain illness such as cancer and heart problems.
  • One common cause of hair loss stands out – stress! The death of a loved one, a shocking life event, fear and anxiety could trigger hair loss.

Why rice water?

Rice water is not a trend for no reason. It holds long history dating back to the Heian Period. Japanese women of this era washed their hair with rice water to keep them long and healthy. No wonder! When it comes to beauty, we can always count on our ancestors.

  • Amino Acids – It is rich source of amino acids which produces a protein called keratin that makes up our hair. Keratin is absorbed by hair cuticle that results into full and shiny hair. Apart from that, amino acids also create red blood cells which is essential to our whole body. It is responsible for delivering nutrients to our hair follicles that results into hair growth.
  • Vitamin E – Rice water also contains Vitamin E which gives us a healthy skin, and yes, that includes our scalp! Dull hair is believed to be the result of poor scalp health.
  • Vitamin B – B-vitamins can also be found in rice water. They help deliver oxygen and nutrients to our scalp and hair follicles, which is essential to hair growth.
  • Antioxidants – Antioxidants that are found in rice water help protect scalp cells that promote hair growth. They also improve the growth of our hair by sustaining the connective tissues of our hair follicles.

Therefore, rice water provides many benefits as it makes our hair stronger, shinier, smoother and longer.

How to prepare:

This image shows the first step to making rice water.
  1. Prepare 1/2 cup of uncooked rice in a bowl and wash it thoroughly to remove unwanted substance. You can use any rice, but Jasmine rice is recommended as it doesn’t create bad smell
  2. Add 2-3 cups of water and leave it to soak for 30 minutes. Stir it every 5 minutes.
This image shows how to prepare rice water to fermentation process.

3. Once done, you will see that the water looks cloudy. Strain the rice out and store the water in a covered container.

4. Now, the fermentation starts. Leave it in room temperature for 1-2 days depending on how warm the temperature is. The warmer the temperature, the faster it ferments. The fermentation allows the vitamins and minerals to seep into the water.

5. Store the water into a spray bottle for easy use. Refrigerate until you’re ready to use them. Ta-dah!

How to use:

This image shows how to apply rice water to hair.
  1. Wash your hair thoroughly with a shampoo.
  2. Spray your hair with the fermented rice water from roots to tips. Make sure to focus on your scalp. Massage it thoroughly.
  3. Leave it for 5 minutes.
  4. Rinse your hair with a conditioner. Voila! You will notice the thickness and strength of your hair right away!
  5. Do this once or twice a week and you will notice faster growth.

Add rice water to your weekly hair routine and you will see a big difference in a few months. There is no need to buy expensive hair care products that may end up being toxic and unhealthy. Let’s reap the beauty that nature provides. After all, hair is the best ornament that anyone can wear. We all want what’s best for our crowning glory!

Go natural for that long and nourished hair!

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