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Are Morning Walks Beneficial?

When I was younger, I observed that many individuals wake up early in the morning to go on a stroll, just before the day’s activities start. “They are trying to lose weight or keep fit” were the thoughts that crossed my mind when I see people do this. I mean, why wake up early in the morning to take a walk? As time went by, I gradually began to realize the usefulness of morning walks. Trust me; it helps the physical body and mind. There are many benefits of morning walks, but l would dwell on some here.

Morning walks;

Revitalize the Mind

morning walks revitalize the mind

Your mind, including your thoughts, are fresher after some minutes of taking a morning walk. You seem to think in a more refined manner and take the right decisions. Clumsiness is also reduced. You think creatively, focus appropriately, and ideas flow in steadily. At your workplace, your performance is enhanced as a result of improved cognitive function.  Morning walks play a role in boosting your mood and self-esteem as you go through the day.

Endorphins, a natural pain killer that gives joy and happiness, is released when we walk at a brisk pace. You now have a feeling of control and drive!

Are Essential in the Prevention and Management of Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases like hypertension, angina, and diabetes affect the heart and blood vessels. Morning walks play a considerable role in preventing or managing heart diseases. Brisk walking, especially in the morning, is encouraged in people over 40 years of age as it reduces their chances of coming down with heart diseases. Those on heart medications are also advised to take regular walks because it is a non-pharmacological way of managing their condition.

Enhance Weight Loss

Do you have weight loss goals and want to burn up some calories? Then it would be best if you tried out walking in the morning very often. You may want to add this to your regular gym sessions and healthy dieting. To take walks before or after breakfast has always being a topic of discussion. When you have high insulin levels, it’s more challenging to burn fat. You should, therefore, try to take your morning walks before breakfast. On the other hand, you can take a cup of coffee, a serving of fruits or a glass of home-made smoothie before going on your routine morning walks.

Help You Keep Fit

morning walks help you keep fit

You don’t have to wait until you put on some weight or become obese before you start doing morning walks. Taking regular walks in the morning would help you keep fit and maintain body shape.

Furthermore, regular morning walks is an excellent method for convalescents to get back on their feet and stay fit. Those whose occupation encourage sedentary lifestyles would also highly benefit from early morning walks.

Make you Agile and Energetic.

Taking morning walks make you active all through the day. With regular morning walks, sluggishness is a thing of the past. Your body is ready to take up what the day throws at it. Sometimes, due to the previous day activities, you wake up still feeling tired, especially if you had just a few hours of sleep. Anytime you feel this way, wear your sneakers, take your hoodie and head straight to the neighbourhood to have a good time walking! After a while, you would have this liking for morning walks and even start taking people along with you.

Give Strength to the Muscles of the Legs

The muscles in the anterior, lateral and posterior compartments of the legs are strengthened with regular morning walks. Don’t just walk in one direction; walk briskly and try stairs climbing. Squatting, which is a popular leg-strengthening exercise, can be added if you choose to.

Promote Good Night Sleep

morning walks promote good night sleep

It has been observed that morning walks make you sleep better at night, especially in older adults. Your body gets the required physical workout that makes it tired and promotes a good night time sleep. According to studies, those who wake up early to go on walks spend a reasonable amount of time in the third stage of Non-REM sleep.

Supply Fresh Oxygen

In the early hours of the morning, the air is very cool, fresh and unpolluted. The best time to go on a walk is undoubtedly in the morning. When you do this, your lungs and brain cells receive fresh oxygen to function optimally. Pure oxygen in the lungs soothes the body and soul. Besides, when the brain cells take up fresh oxygen, there is improved mental alertness. Researchers went ahead to prove this and found out that morning walks are highly beneficial in individuals who have Alzheimer’s disease.

Prevents Breast Cancer

Research shows that frequent walking changes the metabolism of estrogen in the female body. Since estrogen in the body is reduced, morning walks inhibit breast cancer cells growth, especially in women that have attained menopause.

You should take out about 30 minutes at least five days a week to go on morning walks. Who says you can’t have a partner as well. Chatting and discussing during walks make you feel more motivated. For music lovers, take your earphones, wear your sneakers and hit the road!

Always set out time early in the morning before any other activity to go on a walk. You would soon notice the tremendous benefits it has.

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