Spring Twists on Natural Hair: How To Do Spring Twists?

Spring Twists on Natural Hair: How To Do Spring Twists?

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Do you want protective hairstyling? Spring Twists on Natural Hair are universal for many decades. Many other new hairstyles come and go, but these twists retain. It will give you an evergreen and appealing look.

All the trendy and stylish ladies try these twists more often. If you want to look classical, you can try the spring twists on your natural hair. Yup, on natural hair! 

Twisty hair always being a sign of versatility. You can quickly add a bun without being too heavy. Whether your hair is light or heavy, a spring twist will give a gentle tug.

Ahead, you are more curious to apply this hairstyle, then stick with me know about spring twists.

What are Spring Twists?

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The spring twists use curly and twisty hair extensions. These twists are more in demand due to the texture of hair and styling. These are thicker than usual wavy twists. You can apply the spring twists every time of the year. You will never look outdated with these resilient hairs.

When will you add spring twists to your sexy look?

What Kind of Hair to Use?

I can sense your curiousness about spring twists. Spring twists usually come in bundles. You can choose the bundle according to your choice of being heavy and light. Most people use a single or half bundle as it is enough for better styling. You can choose medium-sized twists if you want smaller twists.

How to Spring Twists on Natural Hair?

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Whether you are applying spring twists or any other style, it needs patience. No matter, you are applying it yourself or by a professional. Everything needs planning and tools that depend upon the style of installation.

The following are simple steps that you can follow to add a spring twist. 


For a successful hairstyle, collect some tools that may be present on your shelf. If some tools are missing you can purchase them.

  • Spring twist hair
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Tail Comb
  • Scissor
  • Hair cream


Before styling, make sure to wash the hair with shampoo. You can choose an ordinary shampoo and moisturizer. Moisturize your hair well before using a hair diffuser. 


After the blow-dry, your hair, separate the hair bundles. Separate them to make a twisty pattern. However, some hair bundles come pre-separated, while these are quite expensive. If you can not afford then purchase a primary hair bundle and detangle them.


One of the primary steps in twisting is part of your hair. Make four sections of your hair like a school-going girl. Also, you can make a high ponytail of your hair. You would have to do a comfortable style. Now use simple maths to your hair; choose the ample part for ample twists. Furthermore, if you want small twists, it’s fine too.


Grab 2 – 4 separated bundles of spring twists, and apply them on your scalp. Use a massive amount of moisturizer to your scalp and then latch the bundle near to the scalp. Now start braiding your natural hair and hair extension to twist them. The braid ensures the styling is in place. Cover your whole head with these braids.

6 Reasons Why Should You Love Spring Twists?

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Spring twists on natural hair are a demanding style for the upcoming summer. You will look more stylish, beautiful, and authentically natural with these twists.

Here is what you can get from this red-hot summer trend:

Evoke The Spirit of Summer Holidays:

These curly and twisty extensions are a perfect choice for summer travel. Apart from following the new trends, you can try a trend of 30s to look more fresh in summer. Also, the bundles of hairs will not allow the sun’s heat to damage your natural hair.

Spring Twists on Natural Hair are Low Maintenance:

Spring twists offer effortless styling. Yes, the installation may take 3 – 4 hours, but these hours of sitting will allow you to enjoy six to eight weeks consecutively without hairstyling. But you have to apply hair oil to your scalp to keep it moisturized and healthy.

Hair Growth & Length Retention:

Daily hair styling and sunlight can damage the hair as well as the texture of hair. However, protective styling like spring twists will prevent hair breakage. Day-to-day styling break will strengthen your natural hair and will retain hair length.

Stunningly Versatile:

long twisty hair

Spring twists offer much more protective styling as they come in different colors. Also, you can add popular hairstyles like:

  • Ponytail
  • Vintage rolls
  • Half-up rolls
  • Half down dos

Easy To DIY:

You can add DIY colors to your protective hairstyling. The spring curl-like formation is quite natural and elastic as well. So, blend your natural hair with the braid hair extensions and get a trendy look. Also, you can watch short tutorials for spring twist DIY on YouTube.

Spring Twists on Natural Hair Offers Style Longitivty:

The undone appearance and natural-looking spring twist make them long-lasting. You can add a couple of authentic hairstyles to them. Make sure to remember your scalp and scalp care. Keep using hair cream and oils to moisturize the scalp.

Achieve your dream hair goals with Spring Twists on Natural Hair!

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