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6 Foods Models Never Eat To Maintain Their Bikini Body

To maintain their riveted lean, magazine cover-ready figures, models maintain a strict dietary regimen throughout the year. Obviously, they have their cheat days. But not weekly cheat days, it’s more like bi-monthly or a longer time span. Some, like Doutzen Kroes, don’t have cheat days at all. Hey! We are not judging. As mere mortals though, it’s tough to follow this regimen. So, instead of telling you what to do, we are going to tell you what not to do on a weight loss diet. There are some foods models don’t touch to nurture their bikini body pursuit. We’ve listed them in this edit, so scroll and take a look.


Rarely would you spot a model devouring a cheeseburger or even a tiny packet of fries? I don’t think an elaboration of why it’s bad for maintaining a bikini body is necessary. Fast food chains and a busy life are the sole reasons behind the soaring obesity in the world. So, any kind of fast food on a shredding diet, or otherwise, should be a big no-no. 

According to nutritionists, more than one cheeseburger in a month is enough to cause health-related problems related to high-quantity of sugars, unhealthy fats, and carbs present in it. Through their years of transformation, we can all vouch – one thing burgers will never be is healthy.

Refined Pasta

While whole-grain pasta loaded with vegetables is a good option on your table, in moderation, refined pasta heads straight to the body’s stubborn fat stores. Refined grains, like white pasta, white bread, and white rice, lack fiber and adds to the visceral fat deposits in the body. This is mainly due to two reasons. First, the body treats refined pasta as sugar and triggers insulin spike and fat generation in the body. Second, we make them with store-bought sauces, which are high in sugar and sodium, contributing directly to fat chunks in the body. 

Try revamping your favorite pasta with whole-grain varieties or zucchini noodles for food that won’t sabotage your weight-loss diet. 

Restaurant Desserts

Before you sigh your ‘Duh’ at this point, let me interject and tell you that restaurant desserts are much worse than those made at home. And healthy desserts, made with whole flour, bananas, honey, etc. are actually a part of a model’s diet regimen. But the ones served at a restaurant after a decadent meal can add on a thousand calories..or more. At home, the same-sized portion will have 200-500 calories at max. 

Another culprit in restaurant desserts is sodium. Research suggests high amounts of sodium in our foods actually confuses the biological process of hunger and satiety. Over time, as the body adapts to high sodium, we eat more to achieve that same level of fullness. Dampening this process isn’t helpful when you want to lose weight. 

Fruit Juice

Let’s talk about making healthy food bad. Fruit juices are the concentrated versions of sugar and calories, minus the fiber. What you wind up with is a glass of drink that has as much sugar as a soda. That means it will spike your insulin as soon as it hits your stomach because there’s no fiber to slow it down. A sudden increase in insulin fuels the body to create extra glucose which ultimately gets stored as fat. 

A healthier weight loss requires fat loss – which is the opposite of what fruit juice does. Models generally favor smoothies and add ½ a cup or so of fruit juice into it, but never the extra sugar version. To kick this habit, opt for more green juices than fruits one and stick to easy, homemade smoothie recipes. 


The innocent dip that can make a delish addition to almost any meal isn’t a good addition to your healthy life. And it’s addictive. You’d always want more. Initially, it was just a tbsp with a burger, but now you want to put it on before every bite you eat. Let me tell you just two measly tablespoons of ketchup has 8 grams of sugar and 40 calories. Add to it the distilled vinegar and high fructose corn syrup companies add, and it basically becomes like an epitome of empty calories. 

Still craving for the tomato sauce? Try the homemade version, like this one here. Or you can replace it with a healthy dip like hummus, avocado garlic spread, or an onion dip. 

Giant Cups Of Coffee & It’s Add-Ons: 

In general, most models stay away from coffee. Why? Because coffee can stain their teeth and ruin their perfect, white smile. According to sources, on VSFS backstage, you won’t find a coffee in sight, only water. Although, in daily life, models do hone the sheer joy of relishing a cup or two of black coffee. Not more. Excessive caffeine negatively affects your sleep, a major factor towards weight gain and muscle loss. 

Drinking coffee has many health benefits, but only when consumed in less amount and without any add-ons. Creamers, sugar, dairy, flavor enhancers can all bring down the drink’s positive effect on your weight-loss regimen. So, stick to just a cup or two daily.  

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