Nutrient Deficiency: 9 Signs Your Body Is Missing Key Nutrients

Nutrient Deficiency: 9 Signs Your Body Is Missing Key Nutrients


Is your body function properly? Do you know your body needs minerals, vitamins, and several other vital nutrients? There are numerous telltale signs and symptoms of nutrient deficiency. How will you come to know about it?

Everyone knows that nutrients are essential for a healthy body. But no one knows about the signs when the body is missing chief nutrients. Our body is sending millions of chemical signals each minute to keep all the regulatory functions usual.

Also, the body provides signals that you are missing essential nutrients. The host message about health will tell you what is missing in your diet.

You can take the help of a nutritionist for optimizing a healthy diet plan. A nutritionist will let you know what is missing and how to uptake minerals and vitamins. Stay with me to figure out the common signs of nutrient deficiency.

Bleeding Gums:


Do you have bleeding gums? Bleeding gums is a sign of many diseases, including nutrient deficiency. Also, it can cause gingivitis. If you have bleeding gums, then look over your diet. Whether you are taking enough Vitamin C or not.

Vitamin C consumption can reverse all the issues related to bleeding gums and nutrient deficiency. You can add Vitamin C to your diet easily by eating more citrus fruits. Add some oranges, papaya, berries, and broccoli to your diet to get Vitamin C.

Hair Loss – A Sign of Nutrient Deficiency:


Hair loss or brittle hair is one of the most common diseases among all. It may be due to nutrient deficiency and also for many other reasons. It may be a result of hormonal imbalance and a genetic disorder.

In COVID-19 Pandemic, people experience hair loss. It is due to the medication and other thyroid gland problems.

Furthermore, hair loss may be a result of protein & fatty acid deficiency. A sudden hair loss may be due to many other issues such as Iron deficiency & Thyroid gland disease. All this will lead to sudden weight loss and clumps in the head. Whenever there is sudden hair loss, check your diet. Whether it contains maximum iron or not. Some other symptoms of iron deficiency are headache, fever, and dizziness.

If you want to get shiny and healthy hair, then take an iron-rich diet. You can take omega 3 fatty acids & lean proteins. Also, you can add chia seeds to your healthy diet.

Red Skin:


Red Skin or Rosacea is a skin disease. If you have red skin you can consult a dermatologist. However, it may be a result of a scanty diet. Irregular intake of sugar and fats with the combination of fruits and vegetables can cause an inflammatory reaction.

According to recent research, scaly and dry skin with red spots is due to an unhealthy diet. If you have red skin, then enhance the intake of fibers and saturated fats.

Constipation – A Sign Of Nutrient Deficiency:

Are you getting enough fiber & water? Or do you suffer from bloating? If you have a low content of non-digestible gem, then you might suffer from constipation. Constipation will lead you to several other bathroom problems.

Constipation is a result of low bowl movement. If you add more water and fibers to your diet, you can get rid of it. Take 25 – 35 grams of fibers each day. The primary sources to obtain enough fibers are fruits & vegetables. Also, make sure to be hydrated. Take 12 glasses of water per day.

Slow To Heal Cuts:


Cuts on your body are a symptom of Vitamin B deficiency. However, it may be due to chronic disease and aging, but the primary reason is Vitamin B deficiency. If there are cuts that slowly heal start taking lean meat, legumes, grains, and green vegetables.

Only a healthy diet ensures a healthy gut and minimizes the risks of chronic diseases. Whenever you experience something like this in your body, check your diet plan to get essential nutrients.

Also, you can add Vitamin C to your diet as it acts like cement. Vitamin C intake will put the cells together for quick wound healing. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powers of Vitamin C will make you healthy.

Burning Sensation In Feet & Tongue:


The burning sensation is an alarm for nutrient deficiency. Consult with a doctor who will recommend you a blood test for checking the level of Vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 produces haemoglobin that regulates red blood cells and oxygen levels in the body. B12 is essential for the digestive system too. Also, it will lead to many cognitive disorders. If you are experiencing short memory loss and behavioral changes, contact a doctor.

Many vegetarians have a B12 deficiency as they eliminate meat from their diet. You can use almond milk, nutritional yeast, and coconut milk instead of meat.

Bone Pain Due To Nutrient Deficiency:


Are you suffering from severe bone pain? You might be a Vitamin D deficient person. Whether you are an adult or a kid, tell your doctor about bone pain.

You can reduce bone pain by the intake of VitaminD-rich foods. Foods rich in Vitamin D are salmon, herring, sardines, and mushrooms. Also, make sure to sit in the sunshine for 10 minutes to obtain the daily dose of Vitamin D. Remember to apply sunscreen on your body to prevent the UV rays of sunlight. However, if you have a severe deficiency of Vitamin D, start-up taking supplements.

Irregular Heartbeat:


The nutrient deficiency leads to an irregular heartbeat. Calcium regulates the beating of the heart. A decreased calcium level can cause Arrhythmia. Some other signs of calcium deficiency are:

  • Mouth & Face twitches
  • Muscles Cramp
  • Fractures

Night Vision Deteriorates:


It is due to a decreased level of Vitamin A in the body. If your body doesn’t have enough Vitamin A, it may result in Night vision deteriorates. Also, it may lead to dry cornea and loss of eyesight. If you are facing scanty vision, visit an ophthalmologist who will examine your eye back.

Schedule annual check-ups for nutrient deficiency to keep your body healthy.

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