Hair Loss in Men – What Are The Causes & Treatments

Hair Loss in Men – What Are The Causes & Treatments


Folks! Are you facing severe hair loss? Hair loss in men is becoming worse nowadays. For all guys, it is difficult to swallow the pill of hair loss. According to the American Association, the approximately two-third male population is facing male baldness at 35. And, 25% of a men generation beginning to show male pattern baldness at 21.

Hair loss leads to low self-esteem and low potential in men. Everyone thinks that beauty lies in gorgeous hair. What happens if you lose all your hair?

Here is a piece of good news that you can treat your falling hair. There is plenty of treatments available, from lotions to surgical options. Before jumping towards treatment, let’s find out the root cause of hair loss. What are the causes of hair loss in men? How can we figure out the best treatment method? There are lots of questions circulating in your mind. Well, none of your questions will remain unanswered at the end of this article.

What Are The Primary Causes of Hair Loss in Men?

There is a diverse range of hair loss causes in men. Generally, these causes range from genetic disorders to induced conditions. The male pattern baldness is a more severe cause of hair loss. However, we cannot ignore induced conditions like stress, trauma, nutrient deficiency, and life-related elements.

Here I’ll tackle the top four:

Androgenetic Alopecia:


One of the most common hair loss causes is AGA – male pattern baldness. Overall, it is a slow process in which your hair becomes thin and short, gradually and after that stop growing altogether. The trichologist explains the victim of AGA has androgen-sensitive hair follicles. Androgen-sensitive males are more intuitive to Testosterone – dihydrotestosterone (DTH).

However, the androgen-sensitivity is genetic, and it can affect siblings. Androgen Alopecia tends to start after puberty when the body produces testosterone. The hair shortening and thinning depend upon your androgen sensitivity.

Telogen Effluvium:


Another primary and root cause is stress-induced hair loss. There is the various scenario of hair loss the primary are traumatic events, medication, and hospitalization. Nowadays, patients recovering from COVID-19 are more prone to hair loss.

Telogen Effluvium occurs when the internal disturbance disrupts the hair growth cycle. A disrupted Hairs cycle growth leads to the shedding phase. According to trichologists, telogen affected person can lose up to 300 hairs a day.

Scarring Alopecia:

Generally, this condition occurs due to destroyed hair follicles. The hair traction & tension during hair stylings such as cornrows, dreadlocks, and turbans put stress on hair follicles.

Another: Lichen Pilanopilaris can cause hair loss in men. In this inflammatory condition, the immune cells attack hair follicles and cause hair loss.

And last, some rare conditions are:

  • Folliculitis decalvans
  • Acne Keloidalist

In both these conditions, inflamed bumps over the scalp permanently block the hair follicles. The damaged and blocked hair follicles lead to more severe conditions.

Imbalanced Diet & Lifestyle:


How can you ignore a healthy diet? Diet and nutrition play a pivotal role in men’s and women’s lifestyles. Hair being non-essential tissues get the nutrient at the end. That’s why trichologists recommend a healthy nutrient-rich diet for proper hair growth. You should take protein, carbohydrates, iron, zinc, vitamins, and fats for hair growth.

However, another root cause is the stressed-lifestyle during stress conditions our body produces, Cortisol – a stress hormone that affects the hair growth cycle. The cortisol makes our scalp itchy & flaky. Stress affects overall health by decreasing the ability to eat and digest nutrients.

When Is Hair Loss in Men More Severe?

Androgen alopecia tends to be gradual. It will never happen that you will wake up with receding hairlines and visible scalp. But don’t think that it’s not a problem at all. Whenever you notice a sudden hair shedding, consult your trichologist. Because at initial stages, it is easier to control the disease to regrow hair naturally.

However, if the hair shedding is severe, don’t wait and consult a trichologist for medical attention. A trichologist may suggest a blood test to diagnose the root cause.

Treatment Options For Hair Loss in Men:


After covering the possible hair loss causes, look at the available treatment options. However, there is a one-size-fits-all treatment, but you can reduce hair loss. You can tackle hair growth and loss by regulating diet, lifestyle, and genetic profile.

Consult a Trichologist:

For a well-rounded and effective battle against hair loss, you have to consult with a trichologist. A trichologist deals with hair and scalp and will suggest you better treatments and products. Also, an expert trichologist tries to find the primary hair loss causes such as damaged hair follicles, androgen sensitivity, stress, and trauma.

Topical Medications:

Minoxidil an anti-androgen treatment can effectively offset the symptoms of AGA. Androgen alopecia is a progressive disease that needs treatment at the early stages. You can add this treatment to your hair-care routine for efficient results. Apart from this, you can use OTC Rogaine and other medications with strong efficacy to prevent hair loss. To get your hands on the shelf of a drugstore, make sure to consult a specialist.

Oral Medications:


Finasteride is a common oral medication that can be used to block the DTH hormone. The 70% blockage of DTH leads to shrinkage & shortening of hair follicles. People who use this oral medication for AGA claim that it is ideal to prevent hair loss for up to five years. However, it may contain some adverse effects such as sexual dysfunction to lower PSA levels.

Hair Transplant Surgery:


If all else fails, you can try a hair transplant. People transplant hair strips and may tend for an entire hair transplant. However, many people cannot find a safe donor for a crown transplant to show that the hair is perpetually thinning. Many others can not bear the cost of hair transplant surgery.

Hair Pieces:

Old is gold. You can find a well-constructed wig or hairpiece for a real and natural look. Many trichologists suggest that long-term use of hairpiece and wigs can damage the scalp. Also, it can exacerbate the situation of hair loss in men.

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