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Spin Class | Why You Should Try

If only working out isn’t so draining, people wouldn’t find an excuse to skip. Much more when its becoming repetitive and boring. People often have best intentions to keep a fit and healthy body that they start with energy and excitement. But before they knew it, they lack the motivation to continue. If you feel like you’re one of them, perhaps it’s a sign for you to change your workout routine. What if I tell you that there is a fun and unique way to do this? You will never go wrong with booking a spin class on your next weekend work out!

Out of the many exercises, you might be wondering why you should try spin class. The answer is fairly simple. It is unique, entertaining and gives you maximum health benefits. Below are in-depth explanation as to why this is a must-try!

Anyone Can Join a Spin Class

While spin classes may seem intimidating especially to beginners, anyone can give it a go. The classes range from beginner to advanced depending on your experience level. Those who already have great stamina are more than ready to have a go. However, people with serious injuries must be careful as this could include rigorous exercises that may worsen their condition. Always seek medical advice before embarking on this wonderful workout journey. What’s more, you may opt for at-home or in-studio classes, depending on your needs.

It’s Entertaining

When you’ve been doing the same exercise routine for a while, it tends to become boring and repetitious. If not for the hot guys or sexy girls you can freely eye in the gym, you probably wouldn’t last a month. Kidding aside, you tend to lack the motivation to continue with your workout. Thus, you become a step farther from your fitness goal! This is not the case with spin classes. Surprisingly, a spin class is more like a party than a just workout! It incorporates music ranging from classic rock to hip-hop. Hence, you will have a fun and entertaining workout session. You are literally dancing and working out at the same time! What’s more, your motivation increases as you get hyped by your peers and you hear your instructor cheering on you. Indeed, music will raise your spirits while exercising. A study has concluded that incorporating music will stimulate one to engage in physical exercises. Certainly, with or without exercise, music is beneficial to our overall health.

Spin Class Is An Amazing Full-body Workout

Spin Class is a great full-body workout that targets your muscles from your legs to your core. It’s a form of aerobic exercise, hence it strengthens your heart and improves your blood flow. Moreover, it helps you reduce risk of certain diseases. Such diseases include cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, obesity, and certain kinds of cancer. As with any other aerobic exercises, spin class may help in lowering blood pressure and controlling sugar levels. It may also help relieve pain in people suffering from arthritis. If you are prone to coronary diseases, perhaps you should try booking your first spin class.

Apart from that, it is one of the best ways to lose weight when paired with the right diet. With the music and entertaining vibes present in the studio, sweating out and losing weight is definitely a breeze! To add intensity, some studios incorporate hand weights to strengthen the upper body. This is because cycling predominantly focuses on the lower body.

It Improves Mood and Brain Function

Spin class is definitely a mood booster. When you do physical activity, your brain releases the “feel good” hormones called endorphins that make you feel euphoric. Doctors recommend people suffering from depression and anxiety to exercise as it can improve their condition. Moreover, the increase in heart rate when exercising can stimulate the production of neurohormones which improve cognition and stress-induced brain damage. What’s more, it will give you better sleep at night. When you do physical activity like the spin class, it increases the temperature in your body. This can then bring calming effects to your body and will leave you snoring the moment you lie on your bed. Thus, it helps you regulate your body clock or circadian rhythm and you will say goodbye to sleepless nights.

As with any other cardio exercise, spin class can also boost your brain function. This is because when you do cardio, new brain cells are created (neurogenesis) which improves overall brain function. Additionally, it reduces the risk of memory loss and mental impairment by strengthening hippocampus – the part of the brain responsible for learning and memory.

The Takeaway

Spin Class is probably the most entertaining form of exercise that provides you with maximum health benefits. Stop having a second thought, give it a try and book your first class! Have fun!

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